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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

We need to find out if the driver has been changed.
Nothing will help if driver is not updated..

As far as I know the driver is the same.
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What's wrong with the driver?

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Originally Posted by Speakerphile View Post

What's wrong with the driver?

For some it pops out of socket when played really loud, of course eyes go first. LOL :p

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What? These aren't looking much like an improvement! Ill be sticking with my 1r thank you very much.
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Originally Posted by Andrew_WOT View Post

For some it pops out of socket when played really loud, of course eyes go first. LOL tongue.gif
Omg lol good one, but I am thinking about the sonic signature more .
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I get a MDR-1RBT MK2     :L3000:


the bass is strong i think  . However , the sound quality using wired mode is better than BT mode , with more bass and detail


http://<embed src="" width="466" height="400" wmode="opaque" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always">

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Just received my headphones today after on 11 days from Japan.  Amazing!!


These are the MDR-1RBT MK2 Bluetooth heaphones.


The sound is not for audiophiles listening to classical music with a flat frequency response, but is more than adequate for "todays" music.  A hefty low frequency response, not boomy, but quite smooth that it seems to let the music envelop the listener.  No discernible distortion.


The ear pad, I would describe as the Ritz-Carlton of ear pads as well as the headband.  You will be able to wear for several hours with little fatigue.


Paired with a Sony Xperia Z 32 Gb tablet and listening to Rhapsody and Sony Music Unlimited.  


Very happy with the purchase.  And the Bluetooth connection lets me move about in my house across several rooms with no loss of signal.  Nice!!


My comparison was with my Audio Tehnica ATH-3000ANV headphones which I love.

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Where did you buy the MDR-1RBT MK2? And how much did you pay? How do they fit? Would they be bulky for someone with a smaller sized head? Is there sound leakage? Etc. Anything else you could share would be helpful. Thanks. 

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Bought at Amazon for $367.  The fit is very good and snug, but comfortable.  They are well made, but not heavy or bulky.  Good for a small head as the earcups touch at lowest point with headphones off.  Good springiness in the headband.  When I put headphones on, room sound is attenuated to a high degree and so I suspect the leakage would be minimal.  All in all, very happy.

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I'm sorry if someone else has already answered my question but did Sony Fix the rattle issues with the Sony MDR-1RMK2 version? 


I'm thinking of either buying the MK2's or the NAD Viso HP50's, if anyone can help me that'd be awesome. 

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Where are these things in the US?  I can't find them!

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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Where are these things in the US?  I can't find them! SONY Stereo headphones black MDR-1RMK2/B: Electronics

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Does anybody have the original to compare against?..
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can anyone compare them to the Sony MDR-1R in terms of sound leakage and isolation?


the reason i returned my MDR-1R is because i could clearly head everyone around me unless i turn it up really high, which it leaked. So it was hard to call them portable when i could hear everyone over the music.

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