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First off, big thanks to Annirak for doing a great thread on this. I found it so interesting that I figured I'd do one of my own. So, what are your funniest, craziest, best, worst reactions to your gear? I personally have a pair of Westone UM2 RC and I've gotten good and bad reactions. My girlfriend doesn't really care much about sound. If it makes sound, then she'll use it. But, she loves me enough to give me a good reaction anyways :biggrin: My friend at school was absolutely blown away by their sound and said they were "perfect". Made me pretty happy. Now he has dibs on them when I upgrade. Had a couple other kids at school love them, however actually getting them IN their ears was quite a hassle. Sadly, the Westones are pretty discrete and people don't notice them as much as I would secretly want them to. I love getting to show them off and hear their reaction when I tell them the price. "YOU PAYED THAT FOR EARBUDS?!?!?!?!?!" It's quite amusing. Being at a performing arts school, most of my friends have an ear for detail and quality, and it makes showing off headphones much more fun. Anyways, let's hear some of YOUR reactions!