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Hifiman HM 901 hardware reliability / quality

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I am in search for a really good sound quality portable player.

I narrowed it down to hifiman 901, Colorfly C4, ibasso dx100 and the iRiver AK120. By the way I don't have access to audition any of them, so as many here, I relay my decision on reading tons and tons of reviews, forums and youtube videos.


I am almost convinced that the hifiman 901 is the one for me.


I always base my decision when buying audio gear in these 3 parameters, 1 being the most important.


1. Sound quality

2. Reliability / quality

3. Looks ( this includes hardware and UI)


I think point 1 and 3 are covered. Even though I haven't had the opportunity to audition the hm-901, I am very convinced that the sound quality is top notch. The looks and UI are not as good as other players, but good enough for me. 


The only thing that is holding me back to make my final decision to spend $1000 in a digital player is the point '2', Reliability / quality.


Does anyone know if the scrolling wheel, since it is mechanical and it has moving parts, will be a problem for the 901.


The other question is about the screen. Is the screen plastic or glass, or any other material. I have looked every where and no comments about this. You know, it is like when I used to have an iPod Video 5.5. it gets scratches so easily, no matter how careful i was with it. By comparison my ipod classic never got a single scratch on the glass screen.


Last question, are there any cases or screen protectors for the 901 out there.


I admit this is a strange thread, no sound quality questions involved, but since this is a very expensive portable device, at least for me it is, I would like be completely sure my money is well spent.


Thank you!

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The reliability is not top notch but the sound is. However if you go directly through hifiman or a reliable reseller the after sales service will cover any issue you have.
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