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which custom iem for metal music ?

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I will buy a new iem. I'm listen Rock and metal music. I used pfe 112 and trifple fi 10 before. Ultimate Ears UE 7 or UE 5 or UE RM reference monitor.  . which one is better for me ?  . . I prefer analytic sound and bright highs and aggressive . and should be fast.

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If you really want a CIEM i would look at Cosmic Ears or the JH5, if your happy with universal the Rhapsodio RDB V1 Mini is amazing!

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another suggestions ?
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The UE1 Pro is a single-sided earpiece designed for musicians on stage that want situational awareness out of their other ear. Therefore, it's not suitable for music listening.


The UE4 Pro is actually a very nice, neutral-ish entry-level monitor. For the price, it's quite good. I haven't heard the JH5, though from their shared heritage, I'm fairly sure it's quite (very) similar to either the UE4 Pro or the UE5 Pro. FYI, the UE5 Pro has very slightly more mid-bass kick than the UE4 Pro, and that's about it.


Both the JH5 and UE4 cost the same price at $399 (unless you live overseas, in which case these prices will depend on the local distributor and dealer), so it's probably a toss-up between UE or JH. Personally, I'd recommend UE over JH at this price bracket simply because you'll get a more consistent level of service with UE, whereas JH is still a relatively small company that from time to time has issues with customer service and throughput. Of course, JH Audio is currently in an aggressive stage of expansion; they recently hired a new CEO and managed to steal Chuck Reynolds from UE to be their new Marketing head. So, JH may possibly be improving their level of service from here on out. So yeah, it's probably a toss-up, and will most likely depend on how you like your connectors (UE's right-angle style vs. conventional JH/Westone/CIEM style), included accessories, cases, etc.


I've not heard the UM Aero before, but from FR characteristics, the Aero seems to be brighter than the UE4. The extra brightness may possibly cause rock and metal music to sound harsher that you'd be willing to accept. Also, IMHO, UM's customer service is... messy... and depending on where/who you get it from, average at best.


If you're willing to consider a non-mainstream brand such as UM, you might as well be a bit more adventurous and consider other, newer brands such as Cosmic Ears, which will give you a better overall bang-for-buck value --- a BA4F/R is right in your price range.

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how can I find 4 pro's frequency response ? is it analytics or balanced ?

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You don't. UE doesn't release them. However, from experience, I can say that the UE4's response is quite neutral in tone, with a small bit of bass lift and a slight treble cut.


FYI, I did a little digging, and the JH5 is essentially identical to the UE5 (Jerry Harvey's own words, no idea if he's made modifications to the formula over time, though it's unlikely), which means the UE4 should sound a little more neutral than the JH5, and thus the JH5 should have slightly more mid-bass kick (though not necessarily a bad thing with rock/metal). However, AFAIK the UE4 only comes in clear shells, whereas the JH5/UE5 can be customized to whatever you'd like (at the expense of cost, of course).

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Tomscy2000 is bang-on.  Right now I'm waiting for JH Audio to repair and return my JH13 and communication is less than satisfactory.


Unique Melody have had my 3DD money since May.  I'd avoid this company.  Communication is a sometimes thing, promises are not kept (assorted changes) and the waits are interminable.


Clear Tune Monitors had very good, responsive customer service if you're looking for an acrylic CIEM.  However an excellent choice for the money right now is the Custom Art.  Very responsive and a quality product.  I don't think you can get better silicone CIEMs for the money (and I've researched the options).

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Actualy I interest only sound quality and sound charecters. 

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If you don't care about customer service, then try Cosmic Ears. The BA4R is right up your alley. It's designed to be very analytical and flat. I haven't heard it myself, but descriptions from people I trust point right to that kind of response. It's in the right price range and has your preferred sound signature.


The choice from what you offered up would be for the UE4; some people have dubbed it the 'baby UERM', which is not a bad description. It's also very neutral.


The UE5/JH5 would start to go a bit away from neutral and analytical, the UM Aero too. I don't have experience with CTM, but the CTM-200 might be a decent choice as an entry level, analytical monitor.


If you want to consider silicone monitors, the CustomArt Pro210 is their most analytical monitor --- very fast and detailed. It'll sound similar in sound signature to the PFE112 but with better bandwidth, headroom, and resolution. Just about every other silicone manufacturer prices out of your range.

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I've changed my choise . Now I have 3 models. UE 5 , UE 7 and UE reference monitor UERM. ?

 Which one has  analytic sound and bright highs and aggressive ?

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Originally Posted by thunderfromsky View Post  I've changed my choise . Now I have 3 models. UE 5 , UE 7 and UE reference monitor UERM. ? Which one has  analytic sound and bright highs and aggressive ?


The UERM is probably most suitable. It's very tonally neutral and has a 10k boost. Overall, it is by far the most analytically-capable monitor in the UE lineup. However, it's also $999, which is a little out of your budget range (unless that has been lifted?)


The UE7 is more sparkly than the UERM, but it's way too sensitive --- at 124 dB @1k, it's ultra loud and is really for musicians who have compromised hearing and still monitor loudly (at further expense of their hearing).


The UE5 is similar to the UE4 with a little more mid-bass and overall bass texture, so you might as well get the UE4 for your tastes (unless you really want colored shells).

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Now; I have two options. I found heir 4ia for 320 $ but used like new in my country and other option UE 4 pro ... which option is better for me ? I will use with colorfly C4.

Which one is more agressive and analytic and bright ?  thank you

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Any idea?

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