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For Sale or Trade:
[IC] Sennheiser Momentum

This here is an interest check for my Sennheiser Momentum.


I love them, was the portable headphone I desired, but its getting very limited usage since I got my Shure SE215. Sound quality aside, the SE215 are just way more portable and the Momentum are being used as very niche portable home headphones (walking around the house); Too expensive and "good" not to be used more than an hour a week. 


Its a little pricey, I admit, but definitely has the quality and looks to back it it. Great headphone that doesn't need an amp to shine


They are the black and red ones. Comes with original box and accessories. 

DO NOT LOWBALL. I could be interested in trades but most likely no so don't be offended. 

Specifically looking for Maverick Tubemagic D2


P.S. Tyll Loves them (CTRL+F MOMENTUM). Plenty of other positive reviews out there.

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