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For Sale: Onkyo P-3000R DAC/PRE AMP -- Black

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For Sale:
Onkyo P-3000R DAC/PRE AMP -- Black

Will Ship To: USA, Canada

Onkyo P-3000R DAC/PRE bought from an authorized dealer in JUN for a bedroom system.  It stayed boxed until recently.  I operated it a handful of times, probably less than 5 hours total use.  It is as new.  Unfortunately, we've decided to concentrate on a home theater downstairs instead of a bedroom system, so P-3000R must go.  It is perfect, no flaws, scratches, etc.   The thing does just about everything.  Most notably, high end analog volume control, several analog inputs, several digital inputs including 32/192 USB input from computer, two sets of analog outputs, end, headphone amp, etc.     It looks beautiful, is built like a tank, and sounds great.  Price is fair.  


Will upload pics later today.  This is my first ad here, but check my feedback on Audiogon.  User name: Sammie.  

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Good morning...Just wondering if the Onkyo p 3000r is still for sale. Look forward to hearing from you.


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it sold.

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