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For Sale: Custom Little Dot II

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Custom Little Dot II

Will Ship To: conus

Nicest looking LD II you will find with it's custom Maple wood accents. Sounds very luscious with no issues...drives my Beyer DT 990 with no problem. This package includes all pictured. The driver cages are not mounted because I don't have a drill press. You get 4 sets of driver tubes and 2 sets of power tubes. Current tubes have less than 50 hours on them. Price includes shipping. I haven't seen one of these for sale in a while so folks must be happy with them...I am but just don't listen to it that often. PM me with any questions and thanks for looking.


Price lowered.....this is a great and low cost way to get into tubes.

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Sorry trades...need the cash or I would keep it. Make offers if you think my asking price is too high.

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What is the difference between the little dot 2 and the mk 2?
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A MKII has a set of rca outputs. The early models of the MKII also had issues with tubes arching (LDII++) but am sure the MKII has no such issue. The cost of a MKII on ebay runs around $180.

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Bump for the lucky Friday 13th Remember price includes shipping to CONUS

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Can an E17 be hooked up to it to run as a DAC off of a laptop?

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Sold...thanks for the interest.

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