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V Moda M80 White vs Black

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I know this is kind of a silly question, but I can't decide between the two colors! So please just tell me which color you think is better and why. I'll be ordering the M80s soon.


If this makes any difference to which looks better, I am a male.
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It all comes down to personal preference, but if you want my opinion, I'd get the black. You'll probably be using these outside frequently (as I do), and they may get a bit dirty/sweaty on a hot day. The pure white M80s would definitely reveal stains in the mesh and other areas more than the black/red ones.

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Black shows less dirt, skin, and grime that builds up from your moppy head and the environment, compared to White.


White is all the rage these days if you want to adhere to current fashion audio jewelry trends.

Black is classic and will always be in style, regardless of what the dookage of today's kids think is cool that was cool 100 times in the past prior to them even being born but they don't care to know that.


How about you pick what you think looks best.


Why do you need an audiophile forum to tell you what color to pick?


Very best,

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so what color did you go with and do you have any pics of them?

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