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You just need patience. Batteries like this can even be bended moderately, however, avoid at any cost any puncture on them, as they will get into flames because of the lithium.

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Originally Posted by RockStar2005 View Post

Well one of the main selling points for me (and for a friend of mine who wants to buy it) was that it has a replaceable battery, so since no one else was giving me any info, I was kinda relying on you. lol Even Sony I believe said it wasn't replaceable. lol


Yeah I'm looking down the line as I wanna keep the PHA-2 for as long as possible (it's not cheap! lol). But I'm glad to hear you've gotten a lot of use from it over the last year! That makes me happy. :gs1000smile:


Thank you for the very detailed explanation. Sounds time consuming, but I guess that's better than having to buy another device. lol 


Do you have any suggestions as how to remove the battery from the glue? I won't glue it back after, but for the first part, is there a certain way of doing it that's safe? 



Thanks so much!!


You are supposed to be able to replace the battery via Sony Custom Service. Doing it on your own is possible too but as usual, it's not recommanded...

Battery not being replaceable means here you can't swap it easily like with old devices.

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Yeah. lol 


Well thanks again! Down the line I may just buy a replacement, but it's nice to HAVE the replacement option, esp if it happens to die out sooner than later. 

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I may try out having Sony do it too, if the price isn't too much. But thanks for suggesting that. It's just that when I asked them, they said it's not replaceable. I guess they meant they would rather charge me for them to do it vs me doing it myself for free. lol 

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still better to have some stocks :D

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Can pha-2 work with iPod video 30g which running rockbox?
Sony page said only support newer iPod Classic- does anyone use it with the iPod video ?

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Hello All PHA-2 owners! 

I am thinking about getting the PHA-2 because i believe i can get it for a fairly good price which is $299 CAD ($215USD). I just have a few questions if you guys can help me answer them. 

1. Can i use the PHA2 as a DAC so for example hook it up to my PC via USB then use the Line out to my amplifier (marantz PM6005) and play music that way? (because i heard this has a fairly good DAC section).

2. Can i hook up my iphone 6+ with the lightning connector and use the line out to the 'aux in' of another receiver? 

3. If this is primarily at my desktop, will i have any issues with the battery draining? since it will be plugged in for a while. 

4. will it drive my range of headphones (please see my signature, include future hifi as well!) 

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!!! 

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Two days and no reply...   Everybody must have sold their PHA-2's.  :D

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I'm quite sad that nobody has said anything! Someone help!!
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I can answer your 4th question:   No, the PHA-2 is is too weak to do a good job with your headphones.


See:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/680208/sonys-dsd-capable-pha-2-portable-headphone-amp-dac/495#post_10478117

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What would be a good option then in the $300 cad or $215 usd price range
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Respecting your budget, how about a used Oppo HA-2?


Set the filters for North America and prices in CAD.
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