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Metal Fans please help: Cans / Earphones for metal? SR80i? M-80? Something else?

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I want to gift a pair of headphones for a very good friend's birthday, but I have problem choosing one because he almost only listens to metal, everything metal and metal everything, but metal is something I am very, very NOT familiar with.


I don't like to think myself as an audiophile yet, but I've been playing with headphones for almost a decade, and listened to fair share amount of gears of every class. Usually if I gift a headphone or earphone I won't have problem picking up one, but since I don't really listen to metal all that much, and also after sampling some I found it is quite a difficult job for me.


Personally i found the acoustic side of metal is very demanding, it asks for rather aggressive highs and lows, a lot of energy and meanwhile a decent mid also needs to present if there are vocals. This made me think about classical music cans for a while and then I realized unlike classical which demands a lot of accuracy, very often metal recordings are heavily distorted on purposes. This seems to be quite conflicting to me. Again, I am not entirely sure I am understanding what it takes to be a good metal cans.


So back to the topic I've done my research here and other places, and most stuff people are suggesting are way above this price range (DT770, Pro 900 etc).

Since I only have a budget around $100, I have 2 pairs in mind: SR80i and M-80.


SR 80 is my safe go-to rock cans for this range, but I find it has a rather loose bass for the speed; the building is also kinda irking for someone who does not know too much about headphones.


I can also get M-80 slightly above this price, which i think it has much better lows but it is quite smooth, ie lacks the aggressiveness, especially in the high department. I personally like M-80 a lot, especially it looks and feels so nice it usually makes excellent gift, but in this case, I am not sure.


So please help me with some recommendations. Full sizes, on-ears, in-ears, I don't really care. The only hard requirement is pricing not over $150, and preferably with good look and feel (highly optional).


PS, I've never really had anything against metal or metal fans, I don't listen just because it's a personal preference thing, but after a few weeks' research I've got a whole lot of respect for it!! :D

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oops, i think i've posted in the wrong section. Mod please help me move it if I did post in the wrong place.

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Just note : there are exceptions to those recommendations on Grados in general (the lower models specifically) for metal, due to the wide variety of subgenres. I personally them to be generally congested instruments are all over the place, and treble has a tendency to be a bit louder than everything else - while they are good with, for example, classic 80s metal (particularly the more flamboyant hair metal like Crue, and also Iron Maiden, plus the current bands coming out sporting that 80s sound like Hysterica and Hellcats), they generally can get all over the place doing more complex compositions (particularly when you have too many things going on) like progressive metal and symphonic metal (and every hybrid of those two).

I had the SR225 and while it really was great with classic metal (and I found it better with jazz too), the HD600 did as well with the same music, and a lot better with the complex music the SR225 seemed to struggle with at times (the SR80 more so).
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