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Hey guys, I would greatly appreciate some of your expertise in making my decision.


I'm a college student and I wanna buy a 2.1 system for under $100 that has clear sound, solid bass, and is basically a bang for it's buck. I've been doing a lot of research on this forum and over the web and I discovered this little guide:$70/


This setup or similar setups have gotten a lot of good reviews but I'm not very good with wiring and I'm not sure if the bass is that good since there's no sub. So I was wondering, is that really the best overall sound I can get for my price range? Is there a solid 2.1 system that I can just buy and setup easily that can match the sound quality provided there?

This has some good reviews and fits my price range, but I really don't know how good. I understand that I'm not going to get anything crazy for under $100 but there's gotta be something out there that's good enough and I just can't tell from reading specs...I feel like I have to listen to these in person, which is why I'd rather trust you guys since you guys really know what you're talking about.


So please let me know if that Cnet article is really the best I can do, and even if it is, please link me to some good 2.1 stereo systems that could be good enough if I decide not to deal with setting up the amp with the speakers (I must sound like such a noob not knowing how to set those up and trying to avoid it lol).


For what it's worth, I just bought the JBL Flip and was severely disappointed. I mean, for the price and size, the speaker is great, but judging from the reviews, I was expecting something with deeper base (foolish now to expect that in hindsight given the size) and clearer sound in general.