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Hi Guys,


I have had the F886 for just under a week, but seem to be having major battery issue, and hope that someone might offer some knowledge or guidance.


Let me start by saying that the F886 is paired with a PHA-2. I have not monitored the battery drain by using the unit alone. I only bought the F886 as a pair for the PHA-2, as I have had this kicking around for a few months without a suitable pairing.


I have downloaded nothing to the F886; flight mode is on; wifi, bluetooth, et al, are all off; every single sound enhancement is unchecked. The best I have to date is 3 hours 12 minutes with 70% Device idle, 16% Media player, 13% Media server and 1% Screen.


One the one hand, I do hope that this is due to the PHA-2, but at the same time would be slightly peeved that these two Sony units do not match. That's life I suppose.


I have read every single of the 90 pages and get the gist that some people get great battery life while others get something bordering on pitiful. Might be a bad unit or operator incompetence (which I have been know to be!).


Anyway, any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Could you try and install Wakelock Detector? It will show you information about all processes that keep your device awake, don't forget to check 'Advanced mode' and 'Statistics since unplug' under settings and look in 'CPU wakelock' view. After that share this information with us, probably it will give some clues on what is going on, so far I think probably one of google services draining battery

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