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Originally Posted by hockey_magnet View Post

Any suggestions for tips beyond the Sony's that come with it? Just wondering if any of my fellow XBA H3 users have recommendations for tips other than Sony. 




    comply t-200 will do awesome .

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Originally Posted by suman134 View Post


    comply t-200 will do awesome .

Any thoughts on the ts200? 

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Originally Posted by Change is Good View Post

Can someone post a picture of the mod for those interested to see?

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Originally Posted by hockey_magnet View Post

Any thoughts on the ts200? 


  ts-200 is just the same thing , i myself use ts on my h1 .

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I've been listening to these for about a week and I really like them - While some others have felt the bass was too much, I disagree. The base is "big" but it is very smooth and controlled. I think it is well balanced by the superlative treble. If the treble was weak, the bass might be overpowering but in the H3 it is beautifully done. I like everything about these - the build is very solid and although they are large, they are so light that they end up being extremely comfortable. I would have preferred a slightly heavier cable, more for esthetics than anything else. I find the Sony hybrid tips work well but I've ordered some Comply T200s out of curiosity. I like the Shure olives on my Westone UM2's   and the T200 s look similar. Back to the sound - I have some older stuff by California Guitar Trio that sound so much more complete on these vs some others - very rich sound but not too "trebbly" or lacking detail. I think they are great for most genres. As someone else mentioned, after about 20 hours of listening, the bass seems to have receded a bit but I think it's just that I've become more used to it. Also as someone else mentioned, when you have a good seal, they do a good job of isolating and they actually have a "speaker like" quality to them which I think is due to the enhanced bass and a wide sound stage more than anything else - not so much "in your head"

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The bass is no doubt good but the mids especially the vocals are too distant. Even after the tape mod, it didn't help that much. If positioning of the mids are closer, it will be excellent.
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I don't find the mids distant at all. Vocals and mids are very balanced. They sound more rich and rounded than some others but distant? No.
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Compared to ie80 and r50 which I currently have, the mids is really distant. In some music, it's okay and acceptable like Diana Krall and other quieter music I have. For rock music, the vocal is distant as compared the other 2 iems.

Maybe our source are different and hence the different opinion.
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Granted it could be the source - I'm using unamped 5s and a Classic but while some on this thread (and I've read them all) have complained about the base, many others have found them to be excellent. Not a lot of complaints about the mids. I don't own the ie80 but have listened to them and prefer the H3's by quite a bit. They sound more polished and less intrusive. More concert like - If you listen to something like After Midnight by Clapton which has quite a wide range, there is no problem with the mids, and the base is not overpowering at all - very smooth.. 

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Different strokes for different folks. Honestly, I don't pay any mind to the people that complain about the H3. I let my own ears be the judge.
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I personally love hearing a kind of "distance" between my ears and the sound. Most songs sound as the person's voice is coming towards you, while the music is separated and surrounds you. 

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Originally Posted by chenxuanyi View Post

Those earphones so huge the comply tips are dwarfed by them. 

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Ya... they don't do very well outdoors and during commute even with comply It's a nice iem in quiet place though.
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I agree they are not the most noise isolating IEM and they are so big that when the wind blows it actually generates turbulence around the earphone which leads to a whistling sound, so not ideal for running around outdoors.


As for the sound, I have to say I do like it a lot. It is not neutral but it is very seductive and enjoyable and the imaging makes it special.

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If an IEM isolates poorly and causes so much hassle, for example, heavy, chunky, wind noise, and so on, I would not call such thing as an IEM because an IEM has to be portable; being compact, isolating, and comfortable to the user are essential for outside usage ....If listening XBA-H3 is preferred at quiet place, like home, or if the listener has to sit down in limbo instead of moving around, I'd rather use my Logitech's 5.1 surround system on my computer. 


This thing is just my XBA-30 which isolates poorly even when I put the comply foams on; yet, it cannot be used for outdoor nor gym. Also, It's bulky for such 3 BA IEMs while one reason of using BA is to make smaller size IEM. Why don't integrate 'em into a TWFK configuration ( correct me if I'm wrong) so the size would be smaller. I assume that Sony loves making huge and bulky high-end earphones without thinking that compactness is important as well. 

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