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Beyerdynamic DT990 pro , cable seperated from Left Headphone / Driver

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Hey everybody,


I know it's my first post but I found this forum because of some DIY on Beyerdynamic heaphones. I hope I will find some help here.

Btw I will post links to pictures because I haven't the permission to upload anything as I'm new here. And also I want to say that english is not my native language, I apologize for my mistakes.



So here is my problem, the cable from my Dt 990 has been pulled out to the left hear of my headphone. So I opened it and it appears that obviously some soldering needs to be done from the cable to the left driver.

Dt 990 pro open: http://25.media.tumblr.com/47ccf0db9b60eb9ce2117f03070879b4/tumblr_mslv8vvh891rr988lo1_r1_1280.jpg


First of all I would like to know wich wire (red, blue, yellow) from the cable  need to be connected to wich  " connector ".

I also lost one of those "connector" but there is one spare on the right driver. I'll probably use it.


Then I would like to know what to do with the wires coming out from the  left driver.

As you can see on this photo of the right driver, the wires are connected/soledered to a "little extension". 1 wire for 1 connector.

Right driverhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/8044f0d32b35f09ce41e96e902598f45/tumblr_mslv8vvh891rr988lo2_1280.jpg


But on the Left driver there is 3 "connectors" and 2 wires coming out from the driver, and they are really short since the accident.

I would really like to know what to do with it.

Left driverhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/45cca8002d8c7f09e551be8b436c6a35/tumblr_mslv8vvh891rr988lo3_1280.jpg


At the beginning, I thought 1 wire was missing from this driver, but then I realised that left and right driver are the same. If I want to buy a spare driver on http://www.beyerdynamiconline.com/AddToBasket.asp?Prod=952283 there is just one choice.


I would be really greatful if somebody that have this Headphone, can open it and tell me what it should be, and what should I do. It is really easy to open and I really don't want to buy new headphone I really like this one. 


Thank you for reading.


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It's going to be harder than you think.


I'm basing this off of my DT770, but the drivers should be similar (they look pretty close).


Those hair thin wires coming out connect to the voice coil and are extremely delicate.  If they aren't reconnected solidly, the driver is toast.


On your solder connections you should have the actual pads somewhere.  Looking at your first pic, I do see 2 of the solder tabs attached to the wires going through the headband.  There should be another one somewhere.


One of those short wires will be a signal and the other will be the ground for the left driver.  The one closest to the red mark in your first pic should be the signal.


You will have to very delicately reattach them to the solder tabs and basically flow solder onto them (do not directly heat them as that will melt the wire, melted wire = dead driver).


For your wiring question:


The black wire that goes from cup to cup is the ground for the right driver.  Attach both that and the copper colored wire from the plug to the ground tab.  The Blue wire will attach to the signal tab on the left side and the white and red wires will attach to the other solder pad (or to each other, it's really the same thing).


I'm worried about the length of one of those voice coil wires for this repair, but if you're careful it might work out.

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Cher Antoine,

J'ai le même problème que vous! deux possibilités s'offrent à nous: la vente du casque tel quel pour récupération du HP en bon état, soit l'achat d'un HP neuf. Dans un cas comme dans l'autre, vous pouvez me laisser un message....

Cordialement,   Alex

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Am I to assume it is not possible to install a connector at the cable entry point, and not have to deal with rewiring the drivers?

Naive question, but still waiting for my recent DT990 purchase (in the mail) and wanted a plan for the future.

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