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Anyone tried the 1964ears v6 or v6 stage eims?

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I have been looking at these for a while and I am looking at many different eims from other manufactures.


I typically listen to rap, hip hop, alternative, and rock of all years.


I mostly listen on small players like iPods, iPhone, macbook, and other various handheld devices.


I am looking at iems because I am really picky about how my music sounds and because I can never find headphones that will stay in my ears do to the shape of my ears.


I was hoping someone out there has tried the 1964 v6 or v6 stage, and may have compared them to other iems.


I just want the best bank for my buck. Price is not as much of an issue as sound quality, clarity, and fit.





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I would really like to like to hear info on stage as well. Its only 599 from 699 due to introductory offer and the site says it is more bass and mid heavy....looks really nice for trance

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Not a technical, or empirical, answer just what I have found in my digging. 

I just ordered the V6 Stage yesterday, so that doesn't do you any good as far as a review. But in all my research on the 1964 ears more or less if bass is what you are primarily after the Quad's are the way to go. Long story very short, the V6 has more detail than the Triples because of essentially twice the drivers for each frequency range. The Stage has crossovers to separate the frequencies further, and spread the frequencies around so each driver has to do less so each can do it's smaller job better. The Quad's have the most bass because of the extra low end driver.


Super simplified explanation, but since no one else has chimed in I figured something is better than nothing even if it is terribly uselss.


The $100 off introductory price made the final decision for me.


I'll set up a review once I get some listening time with them, but comparison wise it will be no more useful than this since I will not have heard the others. They do have demos available (waiting list now) with a fully refundable deposit (if returned in original condition), so you can compare them if you don't mind the deposit. I was looking at trying the Dual, Triple, and Quad, and the deposit for the whole thing was going to be around $650. But you have to pay shipping both ways.

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I just got my Stages today and have to say that I'm quite pleased. I haven't tried the V6 so I can't really compare the two unfortuantely. From what I'm hearing right now, the Stages definitely have a bassier sound; the low end is extended and has some punch, especially with bass heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop. Right now, I feel like the low end is a bit over-accentuated in that it may drown out the midrange and treble. Moreover, the mid-bass sounds a bit muddy to me. However, I've only listened to them for 2 hours so the sound signature is likely to change later on. Other than that, everything sounds nice and smooth. I would go with the V6 just to save that extra $50. 

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