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a-JAYS Five?

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I been loosely following these buds and they come out on September 12th and are only $115 after shipping and wondering will these be any good? ( Anybody with past experience with a-Jays past earbuds could talk about SQ?)

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Still waiting reviews myself. I need to replace my SOL Republic buds that I gave to my Fiancée. They are about the same price as those SOL's, so I expect similar results.
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Does anybody have them yet?

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They are still pretty new on the market. Reviews will start appearing over the next months, it takes some time. 

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I have them.   Short answer: comfortable. A tad bass heavy, but not dark or chesty - midrange may be a tad recessed, and there is some loss of detail, but nothing alarming, and they are still a pleasant listen.  Sounds nothing like the previous a-jays models, which is a good thing - the 4 were absolutely terrible in every way except comfort.


If forced to choose, I'd still pick my RE-400's over them, though.

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