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Dorm/bedroom Speakers

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I am looking for either a 2.0 or 2.1 speaker setup that I can use in my college dorm (and my bedroom when I am home). My key requirements:

  • Bass response (I listen to a lot of Dubstep and House)
  • Around $300-$400 for the system
  • Something "semi"-portable

I say "semi"-portable because I don't really mind moving equipment. I want speakers that I can take to the common room/down the hall if my roommates are being antisocial/studying/sleeping.

The KRK Rokit 6 G3 has been recommended to me. My main concern is that I will hear all the impurities, plus they are kind of expensive.


Oh, the source will be mainly my laptop, and maybe occasionally my iPod/Android if possible. I do NOT own any kind of DAC or audio interface, but I want one eventually.

Suggestions? Thanks in advanced!


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Originally Posted by chickenparm1223 View Post

The KRK Rokit 6 G3 has been recommended to me. My main concern is that I will hear all the impurities, plus they are kind of expensive.

Well, good sound is not cheap, and especially if you want good bass. smily_headphones1.gif

Since you want semi-portable, 2.0 would seem the way to go rather than trying to haul around a sub. The Rokits are good speakers for the money. If you have a local Guitar Center, they will typically have a bunch of studio monitors (including Rokits) on display that you can listen to.

If you definitely want 2.1, the Dayton SUB 1000 or SUB 1200 would give you a lot of bass impact. You could pair those with different speakers.
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It may be worth considering that the rokit 6'ds have just been replaced by the g3 versions (or at least has been announced), and you are likely to be able to start finding old stock of the RP2 version significantly cheaper.  The difference in spec is not huge so make sue you check which release you are buying.  I would suggest that with some shopping around and getting on the phone and negotiating you "may" get a set of RP8's for very close to the price of the 6's if you really PUSH the fact they are an out of date model :D I am not saying push the dealer too hard but suggest that they may want to clear old stock, and you are on a very limited budget.  The 8's will also remove the need for a sub for almost all situations IMO. 


I don't want to advertise any specific supplier but I have already found 2nd gen RP8s for only $25 more a pair and the 3rd gen 6's, that is a HUGE bargain IMO.  Be warned though the 8's are pretty big.

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