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Discrete PPA Diamond Buffer - Alternative DIY Take :)

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Second generation PPA Diamond Buffers are here!

for information about them start browsing the thread from the last pages
relevant information regarding 2nd generation buffers starts at this point..

For the newcommers: last year I have developped Discrete PPA Diamond Buffers as a cheaper DIY alternative to LaRocco Audio's Triad Diamond Buffers. They were based on Perander's QRV-05, which is basicaly a common implementation of the cirquit known as Diamond Buffer. After the success of the first run of these kits and sets I've decided to develop even better ones. I worked on them in my spare time with kind help of ppl and now I'm almost done. The new generation buffer prototypes were found significantly better when A/B compared to the older ones - that was the goal after all! Now I'm working on getting them ready for you. The buffers will fit PPA v1.x buffer sockets and are much better alternatives to commonly used Intersil HA3-5002 buffers. They will come again either as kits or fully assembled sets. Kits will include all the necessary parts and buffer boards with surface mount parts already populated on mashine. Assembled sets are fully tested & working plug-in modules, all you need to do is open your amp, remove existing buffers from the sockets and plug in the new ones, it's that simple.

__________________________________________________ ______________

List of orders, # of sets (each 3 boards):

Karlosak 1x**
qwerty870 2x**
jboehle 2x
Lil_JV 1x*
eyevancsu 1x**
Pappucho 2x**
doobooloo 2x**
zbuddah 1x**
guzzler 1x** *cash received*
BPRJam 2x**
yhmzzz 1x**
Super-Gonzo 1x**
GLF 2x**
Kris 2x**
endia 2x** *cash received*
jamont 1x**
chosen1 1x** - looking after US distribution, contact him if you're in US
Nisbeth 2x** *cash received*
McKajVah 1x**
Submarinesailor 1x**
crane 1x**
benjohnson 1x**
fiddler 1x**
Megaptera 1x**
ufokillerz 1x**
MisterX 2x**
aos 1x**
shiggins 1x** *cash received*
dreamnid 1x**
LKraven 2x**
Ashevar 1x**
JCTW 1x**

* means pin headers and smt parts requested
** complete KIT


3pcs of the bare boards, which is enough for one PPA $10
complete KIT featuring all the parts needed and 3pcs of boards $30

you should start sending the money to chosen1 if you're from US, or to me if you live somewhere else.. PM us about details..

ETA: beginning of June 2004

__________________________________________________ ______________

although I don't own any PPA and never had, this thing was bugging me for a long time do you remember peranders QRV-05 smt diamond buffer? my version is in fact his, just with some modifications like removing unnecessary components and output stage little like Gilmore Dynamic..

dimensions: 1" x 1.2", sitting on pin headers in PPA's buffer sockets, should fit well and on top of that shouldn't be taller than main filter caps..
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I'm drooling !!!
Really nice Glassman...

A switch to the czech language: "Opravdu pekny Dominiku, mas muj obdiv, hned chci tri kousky... "
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Are you going to run a batch of these or maybe offer up the .BRD so we can get them fabbed at a local shop? I think you did a good job on it and wouldn't mind building a three-pack to try out.
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Please post the brd file. I would like to get some boards made.


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if there is some serious interest I can get them made here, I just need to know how many of you would be interested.. also I'd like to take my time revising and maybe improving the layout..

the output transistors in my case are the ones used in Gilmore - 2SA1015 and 2SC1815.. Kevin decided to run them at 15mA each in his amp and I'd like to stick with that figure, so I changed R8 and R9 from 10R to 22R and since I'm using 1208 sized parts (in contrast to 0806 peranders use) I replaced R10&R12 and R11&R13 combinations or 10R for single 4.7R, this configuration gives ~14mA of quiescent current for each output transistor.. I'm using two pairs in contrast to just single in original peranders version and also in contrast to four pairs in Gilmore Dynamic the opamp biasing section is naturally left out as well as a those two 100uF caps - we have good amount of rail capacitance on PPA board don't we and also a few cmt caps.. I've used film cap from rail to rail instead.. you should find up to 1uF in that package.. WIMA MKS2..

you can refer to this schematic..

any comments?

feel free to show your interest
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I'd buy about five of them if you were willing to make them available.
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So you need 1 of these per channel?
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yes, one per channel, eg. 3pcs for complete amp..

how about <=$10 for the complete set of three boards? single sided board with HAL and green solder mask..
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You just let the autorouter have its way with your board, I see. Ugh. Time to start hand-optimizing it. Also, you should run a DRC, making sure the DRC settings are compatible with your board house's limits. I doubt that the trace running between the two SMT 2-lead parts in the center (caps?) is manufacturable, for instance.
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no autorouter used tangent, it's hand-drawn.. this is first version, I've already got improved one, don't be affraid
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I'd buy 6 for $20 or less total.

I'd also be interested in a non-SMT version, as I'm sure others would be too!

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I'll take 3.(for now)

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At your estimated price, I'd buy nine (9) of them, enough to deck out three amplifiers.
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For $10 (more or less) id buy the set, not a bad price at all.

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crap...first double
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