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Stereo Preamp question

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Hey guys! I want to start off by preemptively apologizing. I have a lot of trouble navigating forums and as such usually end up posting my questions in the wrong place. If I did misplace this question please let me know right and tell me where I should ask it. If this is the right place, than ignore what I just said, haha. So earlier today I was trying to find an ipod's headphone jack's voltage and stumbled upon this article: http://www.beavishifi.com/articles/headphonejack/. It did give me the information I was looking for, but as you can see the article is about how one shouldn't use a 3.5mm to rca cable directly into a stereo system. I haven't noticed any problem with doing that. I run infinity 3500s through a pioneer something or other surround sound amplifier. I also have a kenwood graphic eq that my ipod runs through. Basically, I was wondering if my Fiio e11 headphone amp would work okay as a preamp until I can afford a dedicated one. Thanks for any help given. Happy Listening!
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The FiiO will work fine as a preamp and I know people who use similar products like the Bithead / Airhead amps to do that exact thing.

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