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Originally Posted by catcherfly View Post

I just received some new cables from Forza Audioworks for my Theorem 720 - a copper USB cable (computer), a copper/silver hybrid LOD cable, a copper IEM cable (for T-Peos H-300), and a balanced XLR to RSA headphone cable adapter. HE-400s balanced out of the 720 may sound better than coming balanced out of Audio-GD NFB-28. Still too early for me to make comparisons but, for sure, the Theorem 720 is an incredible unit. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Sweet setup!


I hear you man, I had a memorable experience with the HE500's and T720 once. I walk into my local headphone shop (I'm there often so the owner knows me). He is listening/testing out his new balanced RSA to Hifiman cable (ALO greenline I think). I didn't wanna interrupt so I was just looking around but soon as he caught sight of me, doesn't say hi or anything, almost throws the HE500's at me and goes "you HAVE to try this" - I was taken aback. That was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had with a pair of headphones, and I've tried lots of flagships. I was floored - UNBELIEVABLE sound, still remember it 6 months later. DAMN I wanna get the HE500's now! I like the 560 as well but 500's are branded into my soul after that incident

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Okay. If anyone is interested ttvj hasblack friday/cyber monday deals and one of them is the theorem for 595.
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Okay so I am finally getting some listening time with my new Theorem 720 and my JH 13 pro fp's.  When no music is playing at all I certainly get a hiss, it is quite hard to say the least if I can hear anything while the music is playing though, even when it is pretty quiet.  My question is will it hiss if I change my 13fp's to balanced?  I only ask because according to cypher labs:


Low Gain
• Single Ended Output = -9 dB
• Balanced Output = -14.8 dB

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Originally Posted by DTSxJP View Post

Can anyone tell me how tall is the Theorem 720?


Same height with the quarter coin.

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