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For Sale: FS Mint Ocharaku Kaede ( maple )

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For Sale:
FS Mint Ocharaku Kaede ( maple )

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale are my KAEDEs . They are rare and no longer made.The Ocharaku Kaedes are truly a gem and reveal music unlike any phone Ive ever heard including my Fitears. I have had them for under a month and half to be precise and they have around 40 hours of music on them. So, yep..these are in mint condition.
The reason I'm selling these gems, is that I'm planning to go full size and enjoy music over the ears smily_headphones1.gif
The last piece sold for 1200 USD through musicaacoustics .

Thanks for looking.
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these are discontinued? really? that's too bad. glws!

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^ at the time I listed them, they were. Im not sure what the current status is though. There were on and off rumors of them being the last batch. Thanks !

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I really wanted them but I'm 99.9% set on the TG334! Big reason is I'm very against iems without replaceable cable. Is there a reason why you're selling this and not the 334s?? If this is superior, as you described? thanks

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I will be selling my 334s as well :) I have loaned them out to a friend . No sooner I have them back, they will be on the market.

The 334s and the Kaedes compliment one another well imo, the Kaede being blisteringly uncompromising while the 334s are more liquid

and laid back . Like I mentioned in my sale statement, I plan to go over ear as I spend most of my time at home listening to my music. :)

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Interested in your 334s. Any idea what you want to price them at?

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interesting in your 334,pm please

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I will not have my 334s for another 5 months, as i have loaned them to a friend overseas.

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Sold !

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