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Some questions about the Fiio E17

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I just bought the E-17. The reason I bought it was to improve the SQ of both my sources (HP probook - cheap laptop and Samsung GS3), My laptop was sounding better (better clarity, SQ) than my GS3. I also recently got the T-Peos H-100. These IEM has so little mids but with very good treble extension. Probably the treble overwhelms the other ranges. I thought the E-17 could help a bit but the difference is very marginal, The questions I have about the E-17 are:


  1. Should I be getting much better SQ with the E-17?
  2. Does the E-17 have some auto-equalizing feature? The mids seems better on some songs automatically
  3. If i use my GS3 or laptop will the E17 with the audio line out or USB, will the E-17 take over both the DAC and AMP functionality of both my source?
  4. I haven't got the USB OTG cable to test out my GS3 but as long as the android version is 4.11 and above, it should work, right?
  5. Would it have been a better option to just get some DAP for better SQ like Fiio X3, Sansa clip, Ibasso etc than taking the E-17 route?
  6. Do the E-17 need burn-in?
  7. If I leave the screen on the E-17 permanently on, is it ok, otherwise every time you want to operate it, you will have to switch the 'hold' button
  8. Could the problem be with the H-100?


Thank you.

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Before getting into the questions, I'll ask the one question that should be at the top of your list: what quality media are you trying to playback? 


I ask because 9 / 10 times, when you buy new equipment and notice next to nothing change, it's due to the quality of the media being poor, or the source device being poor (such as a cell phone, and media playback being youtube rips or variable compression MP3, etc).


Personally I would suggest you get a decent portable DAP, instead of using your phone. That will solve a ton of problems there. And then, again, without knowing, massive recommendation to getting high quality music to playback (just because it's lossless or near lossless doesn't mean it's high quality, many albums are just poorly recorded and there's nothing you can do to make them sound better, they just sound worse when you climb the quality later with gear).


Very best,

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I've tried flac recording from a site recommended in this forum:


http://www.ektoplazm.com/ or the original CD of latest Will.I.Am CD which I thought was mastered well.


I've tried ripping CD's using foobar (another recommended ripping software to preserve SQ).


The reason I got the E-17 was so that I can have a good DAC/AMP combo without worrying about the source or a dedicated DAP. Plus I thought by getting the E-17, I can get the same quality SQ regardless of the source.



btw, Can you recommend a good mastered album, so I can try it out? Thanks.

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If I'm using my phone as a DAP with AMP/DAC functions done by E17, will it still make a difference what source device I use?

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My understanding is that the S3 and E17 only work in USB audio mode with USB Audio Recorder PRO, not regular media players. Perhaps that has changed in recent months if there has been an Android upgrade to the S3.

The E17 does not have some automatic EQ function. The mids probably seem better on some songs because the mids are different on some songs, and the E17 is doing a better job of driving the headphones and/or providing better clarity/detail resolution.

Make sure that you are not clipping the audio signal with your media playback device. If you are boosting EQ and/or listening to modern music without replay gain/volume leveling enabled for playback, could be the sound is being distorted at the digital level BEFORE going to the E17.
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I'm not using EQ with poweramp but I'm using the Noozoxide sound processor. Should the volume on my source be set to maximum? If the E-17 is doing all the AMP/DAC functions (bypassing the source assuming) should the distortion still happen.


On my laptop I've changed the settings to SPDIF because only that option is available for E-17 when I plug in under USB. I've also changed the sample rate and bit depth from windows default to 2 channel, 24 bit, 4410hz (studio quality). Since I'm bypassing the audio output of the laptop Soundmax card, I assume the default setting for it, with the 'Enable Sonic Focus Processing" checked wouldn't make any difference because now it bypasses the soundmax card on my laptop.

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Sorry. I don't know anything about the Noozoxide.

If you are using SPDIF, you may not be bypassing any of the digital sound processing related to the sound card--the SPDIF output is coming from your soundcard, so it's still active. USB completely bypasses the sound card. Try USB and see if you hear a difference.
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When I plug in the E17 to my laptop, the only option available is:


SPDIF Interface

Fiio USB DAC-E17

(default device) 


Do I need to do any manual setting for getting it to USB interface? Plus for the output from E-17, I'm using the headphone out and not the SPDIF output and I don't think my laptop even has SPDIF. What does windows actually say when you connect E17 to your system? USB Interface? Do I need to download any drivers from Fiio?



Thanks a lot.

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Infact I feel the sound directly from the laptop is less muddled (clearer) than using the E-17.

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Those look like two different options to me. Set the default you wish to use through Windows Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Sound.

Perhaps your laptop has mini-optical out via the headphone jack. Check the specs for your laptop.

The E17 does not have SPDIF out. It has SPDIF input.
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I meant SPDIF input, sorry.


I just checked the specs of my laptop and nowhere does it state it has mini-optical out. I'm currently checking with HP support to confirm. Can It be visually identified?

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What laptop model do you have? LOL
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HP 4410s, its about 1.5 - 2 years old.


I don't think HP wants to help me out as the laptop is out of warranty. I've been on online chat for 20 minutes with them with no response.

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Doesn't look like your laptop has it. Not mentioned in their Quick Specs guide, and it would be if it was there. You'll have to use USB.
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I just noticed that under the SPDIF interface option, the controller information states 'Generic USB Audio'. Maybe the SPDIF interface is just wrong labelling?

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