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Quick query over Beyer cables

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Are the DT250 cables fully replaceable with DT150/100 cables, as the images seem the same but have a different name on the beyer website. I say this because I'd love the 1.5m straight cables on ebay for the DT150's on the 250's, and was wondering if anyone was knowledgeable on the situation, as I've had no help googling the matter.

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I own both DT 250 and DT 150.
I've never tried the DT 150's cable with DT 250 though, but i'm pretty sure it's the exact same (huge!) connector and screw.
I'll check once at home.
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I'm sorry... but it does NOT fit. frown.gif

DT 250's plug has more pins.

Seriously Beyer, what the...?

Besides that, DT 250 is a completely under-rated headphone.

It is so neutral but also so musical. Easily one of my absolute favourite HP.

I saw a television report last week on a Deutsche Grammophon recording in Vienna (with french pianist P.-L. Aimard).

The two sound engineers were using the DT 250...

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Dammit, so no way for me to get a straight cable, let alone a shorter one then?

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I would ask this guy, he is probably the most well-informed person on that topic (Beyer professional headphones).
He knows his stuff like no one else, answers questions quickly and is always willing to help.
Peter Grooff
Product & Marketing Manager Broadcast

Professional Audio Products
beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
Theresienstr. 8
74072 Heilbronn - Germany
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Thanks Hairspray, I've sent him an email now :)

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There is a k190 series cable for DT200 series, including DT250 and DT290.  

I get one 1.5m cable from amazon for 34 dollars but it is not terminated(terminated ones are for broadcasting use with XLR connectors), so i terminated it with a 3.5mm jack myself. One thing you need to know is that the cable and 7 pin connector is bulky and stiff because the cable also includes three more wires that are for microphone on dt290.  


If you are good at soldering, you can also buy the 7 pin plug only and solder your own cable (cardas ,magomi or other upgrade cables.)



Actually, only four pins are used no matter it is DT150 or DT250. I am also wondering if we can just cut off the additional pins and make the connector interchangable for DT150 and DT250, since they don't have microphone.  

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