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Driver: 11mm Driver units 
Rated Impedance: 32 Ohm
Sensitivity: 110 dB
Frequency Response: 10-22000 Hz
Distortion: <2% 
Channel Balance: < 3 dB
Rated Power: 10 mW
Maximum Input power: 50 mW
Plug: 3.5mm dual channel plug
Cable: 1.30 TPU Cable, 4 X 20 core high purity silver plated wires +/- 3%

Build & Design:

The overall build quality is quite good. The oval-shaped earpieces are made of plastic, but feel sturdy enough. The silver colored cable, while a bit thin, is soft and not very tangle-prone. It's ended in an L-plug.
The special feature is the adjustable nozzle which is a huge advantage to achieve a perfect fit.






3 pairs of single-flange tips (S/M/L)
1 pair of bi-flange tips
4 pairs of foam tips (on 4 different colors)
1 pair of earguides
A shirt clip
And a soft carry bag
Unfortunately the nice array of hybrid-style eartips is not included anymore.




Comfort, Fit & Isolation:

When worn with the cable up and around the ears, the VSD1 are very comfortable. The downside is that this way the channels are swapped. I tried to wear them cable down, but it was impossible for me. So, for an over-the-ear design the fit is pretty easy, mostly because of the adjusting nozzle. 
Isolation is decent. Nothing great, but about average (or slightly above). Enough for daily use.
As for the eartips, the silicone ones are a bit stiff so I ended using some aftermarket tips with a very similar design and texture as the stock ones to keep the same sound.


These new VSD1-S, together with the VSD1, are supposed to be the first (and lower) models from VSONIC new series, the VSD. The company itself promoted both VSD1 being an 80% from the current flagships, the GR07 models. While I can't confirm that, personally I don’t think it really matters, as these ones are already too good by themselves. As for the VSD1-S model they have a unique and exquisite sound, a special coloration.
Starting from the low-end. They are by no means a bassy earphone, but the Bass is north of neutral for sure. Something in the middle way, close to having the "perfect" quantity for most genres, although many people might still find them lacking. Quality-wise, they're great. Something not easily found in the sub $50 category. The lows have the typical VSONIC presentation, very nice texture with enough punch, kick and rumble. Still, Sub-bass doesn’t extend very deep.
Highs, in their own way, share a similar description as the lows. Upper highs feel smoothen down a bit, which is good, as they're no annoying piercing peaks, at least when listening at low-to-moderate volumes (and with the VSD1-S there's no need for rising to a higher level, as they very easy to drive). While previous VSONIC models were reported to have a tendency of being sibilance prone, it is not the case with these (again, unless played at higher volume). The details are quite surprising, while they may not compete against something on the $100+ range, they match, and put on shame, many IEMs on the $50-80 range.
As for the low-highs they must be described together with the midrange, specially the upper-mids, because here's where the VSD1-S strength lies.
There's a very obvious separation between low-mids and upper-mids. The midrange is slightly forward, but cannot be called a mid-centered signature due to the well present highs and lows. Lower-mids sound clear and detailed, never recessed, but they will sound drier and less emphasized compared to the upper-mids. 
Upper mids and lowest highs not only sound forward and thick taking the leading role, but also have a special texture and sweetness. The best way to describe them is "Fun and Very Musical". Female/Upper vocals are the main attraction here, and that's actually how VSONIC described the VSD1-S tuning. They may sound a bit aggressive and shouty.
The coloration and unique presentation is similar to the famous Fischer Audio Eterna. Of course each on its own frequency, the Eterna with their special fun low-end, and the VSD1-S on the lower-highs/upper-mids (and needless to say that the quality is way much better). It's very catchy and full of energy. 
On the other hand soundstage is nothing special. In fact it's a kinda narrow (not unlike other mid-centered earphones).
Do I really need to say these new VSONIC's have an outstanding value? 
They're already comfortable and sound too good for the price. But the main reason to recommend them is for their special sound. A Must not only for every VSONIC fan, but also for anyone that truly wants to enjoy his/her music.

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