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Beats Solo HD

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My daughter wants the beats. I want something that looks as fashionable but sounds better. Any suggestions?
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I like the purple onkyo



The momentum are cute



Diamond tears are gorgeous. 



The amperior are a good choice: street price is 350$ (kids are not stupid, they will search the price) and they are very rugged. I don't know if you daughter will like them...



And a pair of Philips



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Thank you. Looking at all of your suggestions now.
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Tough call between the senns momentum and the monster tears. Monsters are gorgeous. Which have better sound?
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Daughter (turning 7) is brainwashed by the marketing giant. Wants what her friends have.
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The diamonds are a lot cuter and newer once she compares them with her friends, they will change her mind.




Get them refurbished if you feel like you'll be wasting your money.




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I would say get her diamond tears, or if she really like beats try the noontec zoro HD ($100 on amazon, tanga has deals about once a month for $65). I wouldn't by solos right now as a update or v2 will probably come out soon.
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Kids don't care about sound, they care about look and brand. Keep in mind she's looking for an accessory, highly doubt she will be listening that often
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beats definitely not the best but for the looking wise I think is very pretty. Your daughter might not carry the headphone with her if you get her that is different from what she wants.

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How about the white m80s? A bonus is you don't have to worry about your daughter breaking them!
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Are you getting these headphones for her or yourself? She's not asking for audiophile sound, she's asking for Beats. Get her the gift that she wants, not what you want.

Also, I hope she's actually turning 17 instead of 7.
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There is a new Solo HD v2 coming around the corner. Hold off if you can or get the new Beats Studio v2.
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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

There is a new Solo HD v2 coming around the corner. Hold off if you can or get the new Beats Studio v2.


Not sure if OP will pay MSRP for new beats...

Even the discounted beats (as of right now) is still too much imo.
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Went with the refurb monster tears. She is going to love them. Showed my wife a picture and my soon to be seven year old saw them and said she loved them.

She's old enough to appreciate them.
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Tell us her reaction once she gets them! 

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