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Saxy music

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Hey Folks, I love Saxophone music and am sure that I'm missing out on some amazing recordings, and I dont want to miss out on great stuff!



Post or name your most amazing saxophone tracks or tracks that have great solos, tracks that deserve attention. I like the wheeping sax style but anything with saxophone is welcome.


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Us & Them by Pink Floyd


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So cool because they were all about bass and sax. No guitar necessary.


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Great music. Interesting combinations with Morphine had not heard of them yet.


The Live version of Playtime by Yanni has great sax too by Pedro Eustache, very nice duelling with Sayaka Katsuki on the violin (starting 4:20) 


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I like LA4's cover of Spain, with Bud Shank on sax.


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The saxophone was always a huge part of The Psychedelic Furs sound. It's on almost every song by them. This may not be the greatest video, but it's good to see they are still going strong as of August, 2013. smile.gif


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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band w/ Clarence Clemons on Sax.


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How about Quarterflash' Harden My Heart


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Keep em coming, Loving this version.


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How about Grover Washington's rendition of Take Five by the Dave Brubeck Quartet titled Take Five (Take Another Five).


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All time favoutite of me.


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Walk On By by Peter White (acoustic guitar) & Boney James (sax)


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The rock classic Touch Me by The Doors.


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A slow one from Glenn Frey.


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