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What Hi-Fi doesn't like Senn HD598

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Reviewer Said, they sound beige". :)


Can't say I agree with only 3/5 considering they sound pretty much identical to HD595 which that they gave 4/5 stars to but I was disappointed in my HD598s because they were no upgrade over the HD595s that I had already owned and the color was a downgrade.


Disclaimer: What Hi-Fi gives Monster Beats 4/5 stars.

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The build quality on the 598 is better.


Namely, they fixed the cracking problem.

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Well, I think you would be annoyed too when people clamed they sounded better and they didn't after spending $250.00 on them.


Never had a cracking problem with 595, I think that applied to earlier versions of 598 only. I no longer have 595, nor 598, but a friend ahs my 595s and no problems, gave my 598s to a family member too.

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Whathifi used to come out with some decent and fairly accurate reviews, but these days it seems they're consumer driven and a lot of the latest reviews I simply do not agree with on many levels. 

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Their review matches my impressions when I bought a pair a few years ago. Except for the fact I didn't find them very comfortable either.

I do think they did the 598s a bit of a disservice by not mentioning the soundstaging though. Simply the largest ss I've heard from a headphone, though that's not necessarily a good thing as it could sound a bit diffuse.
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