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MiuAudio Delta is a DIY kit, so that everyone can do it yourself weld own USB DAC.
Delta as a USB DAC kit sold on the market in Hong Kong, more than 150 sets.
The main chip using TI's PCM2704.
Main functions can be output coaxial digital signal and output analog audio signals.
There are three buttons on the front panel of the computer used to control the volume and mute functions.
Powered directly by the USB host computer. Very convenient, suitable for home or office desktop.
Connection quick and to use.




USB terminal and the chip will be soldered on the PCB.


This package, our retail pricing is US$: 25.50
At the same time, we  provide the finished machine.
Our retail pricing is US$: 38.50.





Size: W64 X D38 X H23.5 MM