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Headroom Micro AMP/DAC combo

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Hey there I'm a long time member, very infrequent poster..


I just purchased this combo from headroom primarily due to past reputation and the combo price that includes the Astrodyne power supplies was too good to pass up. (http://www.headphone.com/packages/headroom-micro-amp--micro-dac-package.php)


I've set it up, and in pure listening bliss with my trusty ol' Sennheiser HD580. :)


However, the interwebs (and this board) has been going crazy over Shiit Asgard and Bifrost combination as being something that competes with JC walking on water, etc. 


I'm acknowledging there is a price differential of course.. From people that have had real listening time with both of these combos.. Is the Shiit combo THAT much better ? (I'm feeling a touch of buying regret :) )


Any feedback you all can provide would be much appreciated.

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Grats on the new gear.  It's great to see someone proudly proclaiming their 580s.   I sold almost all my dynamics after I bought my Stax.   What'd I keep?  Two pairs of HD580s. One white screen..one black.  


Try to read these forums with a healthy dose of understanding that products tend to get gushed over quite a bit. Especially when fairly new.  Back when I joined it was all Darkvoice and Little Tube products.   I bought a Little Dot MKIVse and still have and  love it today, although it is serving as a pre-amp in my Stax rig.



Edit: To answer your question about the other gear being better:  I can't say as I've never heard any of it.  I would guess a resounding no.  Go to a Head-Fi meet and you'll see why I say this.  There is very little difference in the sound of $500 worth of amp/DAC and $5000.   Some folks will tell you they can hear the difference between interconnect cables using open cans in a hurricane.  Don't believe it.  Enjoy your new gear.

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply.. I need to be careful to not get sucked into the upgrade-itis when it comes to all this.


I love my HD580.. Trust me the moment it dies, I'm getting an HD650 -- but until that day, I'm loving it.. Owned it for 10 years + ! :)

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The Asgard1 was worse IMO. I actually upgraded from the Asgard 1 to Headroom Micro Amp. Of course it all comes down to preferences.

Asgard1 was nice for the HD-650/600/d2000 but I hated it with the K702 and K601. I haven't heard the Asgard2. They may or may not sound the same. I've read reports that the Asgard 2 might sound a little different.

Read that on Headfonia I believe.


BTW in case you're curious, the Micro is as transparent as the O2 IMO. I kind of view it like an O2 on steroids and with all the rough edges taken off.

The O2 is a tiny bit brighter in the treble (while still measuring flat).


The O2 is as close to the Micro Amp sound as I've found so far. Micro is still a better match for the Q701 though.


Also... I had the HD-580 with the Micro Amp and loved it. Of course it was good with the Asgard1 also.


I've never had the Micro DAC though and only have used the HRT MSII, ODAC and Modi.


Still would like to try the Asgard2..maybe my opinions would change?


Bifrost sounds interesting but only since I'm a huge fan of the Modi. Both use AKM chipsets.

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