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For Sale:
Sony DR-ZX701IP (New in Box)

Will Ship To: North America, South America, Europe

Selling an unopened DR-ZX701IP, which has been sitting around for a few months as a potential backup or gift.


These are the mic version of the MDR-ZX700.  Although they never seem to have caught on as much as deserved at head-fi, they are an incredible value at this price and even a good value at MSRP ($149.99 for the DR-ZX701IP and $119.99 for the MDR-ZX700).


ljokerl ranks these 8th overall in his portable headphone review thread (see MDR-ZX700):


Also see Tyll's review at innerfidelity, where he compares these to the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and the Shure SRH440 and states that he prefers these to both:


Asking for $50 + shipping.


Willing to ship to any country that offers safe, reliable shipping with full tracking the entire way.


Potentially willing to listen to trade offers, but only if you are in the NYC area and can meet up.


Additional feedback:

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