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What is better than the Sennheiser Momentum for the same price???

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Hi guys, sorry to bother but i am in a kind of a problem here....


Its been a week since i bought my Sennheiser Momentums. They have a very similar sound sig to my creative aurvana live!'s but win of course in terms of build quality and overall sound resolution.


The thing is.... i have 68mm ears... they are not BIG ears but still, although i get the over ear experience, my ears touch the sides of the pads and after 45 minutes, 1 hour tops it starts to hurt like hell... other thing is that i dont seem to get such a good seal on the right pad as i get on the left one... is not a big difference but if paying atention it seems like the sound on the left pad seems to have a tiny bit more pressure.....


So here's the thing... I really love the momentums... i love the sound quality, (the only thing i would change in them would be to add a tiny bit more bass in terms of quantity and tightness to make them more suitable to edm...) they are beautifully built, they are portable and have amazing sound resolution....


But they pain and the seal does not seem to be perfect and i dont know if i am getting the true potential out of these headphones because of that....


Is there in the same price range a good headphone that has all the fantastic features that the momentum has (Build, portability, sq, resolution...) without compromising seal and confort?



I am sorry to bother once again...


Cheers.... :)

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Focal Spirit One might be worth considering.

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Sony MDR-1 is more comfortable and offers a similar level of sound - with a little added mid bass. :) 


"Better" is subjective btw. 

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but is the resolution as good as no the momentums?

I thought og the k550's but it seems they are too big to be portable and also have a long cable. the k551's although having a thiner cable also seem to be not as good as the k550's....

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Originally Posted by uchihaitachi View Post

Focal Spirit One might be worth considering.

This - because it's one of the closest to the Momentum in sound but with bigger cups.

The bass and sub bass is louder than Momentums though.


Also you could consider the  PSB M4U1 - not as pretty as the momentums though.

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V-Moda M100, great sound quality, they have bigger ear pads than the Momentuns, and V-Moda is launching an even bigger ear pad for them.

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Phiaton MS-500 Bridge, if you prefer your music alive and kicking, not dull and flat.

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Betwen the v modas, the phiatons and the amperiors wich would be better?

Is the difference between the m100s and the m80 very big in termos of Sound quality? I read that the m100 although being better are all about the bass (the other frequencies are very uneven) while the m80s are much more balanced but still keep a very good string bass...
Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

Phiaton MS-500 Bridge, if you prefer your music alive and kicking, not dull and flat.
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The V-Moda M100 have much, much more bass than Momentum and less mids than Momentum as well. The M100 again have more highs than momentum as well.

I second PSB M4U1 and MDR-1R! The MDR-1R are more colored than Momentum thought. If you are looking for accuracy, PSB M4U1 is the one.

Lastly, if you have comfort issue with the Momentum, you might have comfort issue with the Amperior as well!

Hope it helps!
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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The M-100 is glorious, but the cups aren't much bigger than the Momentums. If you're still looking for a relatively portable form factor, I'd go with the Sony MDR-1R. The sound sig is a bit different than you're used to, but you wouldn't find it unpleasant, and they're comfy :3 If you are only using these for home use, You might like the Beyerdynamic DT-880 or DT-990. Roomy cups, fantastic, weighty sound, although you needs some good driving power for them.

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Wrooooong! The m100 have a good detail in vocals indeed. They perform well in all genres of music, but it does better in some genres like EDM.
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Originally Posted by uchihaitachi View Post

Focal Spirit One might be worth considering.


I don't know, my ears are similar to Pedro. I used the Focal Sprit Ones for a while and found them too small to be comfortable. I'd get tired of them after an hour or so. The fact that I wear glasses made it even worse.


I know that the DT880s I'm using now are bigger and don't have the same kind of sound as the momentums, but I love the way they sound and I can wear them all day.

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TheReem, everybody knows that you hate m100, but NOBODY understands. In other threads everybody says you are wrong about the M100, they ate a qualitt headphones, so accept it, you are the only one that hates it. It seems that for you, there can be only your beloves Mad Dogs, but can you be just like everybody here and accept that there are a plenty of good headphones out there and not only the Mad Dogs? I believe that there are a lot of good headphones out there, from all the brands, Mr. speakers, Beyerdynamics, Denom, V-Moda, Grados, Akg...,. But I try to recommend the one I have for the persons that it seems to suit the most. You can recommend a headphone without trying to humiliate another one, so please stop comparing them to Beats and respect the V-Moda's a little, because they are good, not for everything but they are good INDEED

From a happy Head-Fier
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Kef M500 for less money
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Thank you all very much for your replys... But keep in mind please that i want an all rounder that is suitable not only for home but also to use on the street, the denons and the DT are not options for outside use and even the k550 os just too damn big... I listen pretty much to everything but usually it is 50% rock, pop indie, and the other 50% are edm... Just to give you guys am idea... :-)
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