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Beyerdyamic DT1350 Amplifying?

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Hi All,


(First of all sorry if this is in the wrong thread please move if required.)


I've recently purchased some Beyerdynamic DT1350's as the title suggest and am wondering whether or not to buy an portable amplifier for them. Reasons for this include I am always within the high volume range (>60%) on my iPhone. Secondly, they have a driver rating of 80ohms, higher than my previous / many portable headphones and what my iPhone can deliver of 32ohms. 

Unfortunately my iPhone is the latest one (so only has the lightning out) hence I would be limited to dual amping. Additionally due to size restrictions all of my files have been down sampled to 320kbps by iTunes.


Hence my options are:


A) Leave it alone it works fine, enjoy my music and save money.

B) Buy a portable amp such as a Fiio E7 / E11 and dual amp my beyers from my iPhone.

C) Buy a portable music player like the sansa Clip+ and a memory card (For full-fat files) and then later buy a portable amp that I can use a digital LOD. 


Any advice Head-fi'ers? 

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If the quality of the files are high enough, the Iphone will give you ok sound without an amp. But to really see some great sounds, an amp will improve things. I use a Fiio E12 and provides some nice nice bass impact and separation in the middle regions.

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DT1350 blooms with an good amp. I recommend getting an amp. 

Option C isn't great because Clip+ isn't much powerful than an iPhone.

I say double amp. Just turn the volume all the way up on your iphone, and plug in an amp. Something cheap like CMoy would do the trick.(Though DT1350 improves a lot with a good amp)

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I struggled for a year to get the right combo for my 1350's.  While they always sounded OK, they just never shined like I thought they could. 


I tried various amps, including the ALO MK3, an old Headroom amp, iBasso T3, Headstage 2G and a Digizoid 2.3.  None of these worked well.  Finally I read Clieos' round up of sub-$100 amps and saw the Fred's Altoid tin amp and took a chance on that.  I had never had one of these types of amps before.  Bought it from Fred down-under through e-bay.  No problems.


This amp works great.  Enough power for the 1350.  I double amped with the Digizoid to give it some more bass.  The source is a Clip+.  


I don't know why certain amp combos work better than others but I've learned over the past seven or eight years to keep trying out different combos and trust my ears to know which is right.

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Ahh great how was that amp better than the others I understand there's some personal preference but any idea will do
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Have you got an amp for the dt1350? i have the same one.


i ordered a O2+odac. should be here this week.


reason i got an amp and dac is the vastly sound difference on the dt1350 when used on computer with asus xonar stx compared to straight out of iphone 3gs. there is very little bass on the iphone. also the clarity is lacking. not sure iphone 5s is better but i am looking to get the samsung note 3. looks like samsung phones can hook up to DAC directly.

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No i never ordered one in the end, I'll probably go for an e7/11 soon when I have enough spare funds. O2's are very difficult to source in the UK. 

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I really liked mine with the Fiio E11; I wasn't a fan of them combined with the E12 but I think it's a bass thing for me because I'm probably the only person who would make that choice.

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