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Cable corrosion from sweat? - Page 2

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The wipes should do the trick, Vodka works too. Where are you staying soldier?
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I'm not in the military haha. I'm a college student in China for the summer. 

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Also, I removed both monitors and found some black grease looking stuff on one of the interconnects =/. No clue how that got there. 

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Take your time testing them and tell us later if the problem was solved.
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Ok I tried wiping them down at both the jack and connects, didn't work unfortunately. I also tried listening via my laptop and another phone; the short was still there. I think problem is in the last bit of cable leading up to the jack; the part that tends to experience a lot of bending when I use my earphones. I think that portion of the wire is broken. I think i'm going to have to invest in a custom cable. 

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Yes -Sweat is acidic . Just ask all those females given a gold plated ring by their boyfriend and told it is solid gold! --end up with green fingers-brass underneath.

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Originally Posted by squallkiercosa View Post

The problem with sound dropping out or what you refer to as "shorts" is due to the connectors needing cleaning; you should clean the connectors every four months. Once cleaned, no amount of swiveling will cause the drop out or "short" ...


Toothpick, napkin and alcohol is all you need to solve the dirty connector problem.



Or a pencil eraser.

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deoxit is specifically made for cleaning electrical connections 

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