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Do I need an AMP? Grado SR325is

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I just ordered the Grado SR325is online. I have only owned gaming headsets before. I will be listening to music through my PC.

My motherboard is an ASUS Sabertooth Z77, the onboard audio features:
- Absolute Pitch 192kHz/ 24-bit True BD Lossless Sound
- Optical S/PDIF out port

I also have a Logitech G110 keyboard which has integrated USB audio.

I'm guessing I need an amplifier. If so, what would you guys recommend? Would an amplifier below $100 be sufficient?

Thank you!
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You won't need an amp, but I think you'll like what the Little Dot 1+ can do for your Grados. Especially with the WE408A tubes, to tame the highs a bit.

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Grado SR325 will work well with another DAC than the one integrated on your motherboard. Lack of amplifier is not your main problem...

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^ What they said.

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Thanks guys.

I lucked out, a friend recently upgraded his speakers. He gave me his old M-Audio AV 40 speakers. I haven't hooked them up yet since he didn't give me the wires that go with them. But if I plug my Grados into the M-Audio speakers, the headset will use the amp from the speakers right? I guess I'll have to test it and decide if I should buy a sound card.
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Fiio E10. $50~60.


It will be better than the motherboard. And frankly much cleaner than the AV40's stereo jack (high gain, avoid).


Very best,

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You don't need an amp. The DAC is much more important. 

You should be looking for something with analogue sound. Nice dynamics and no harshness in the mids/highs.

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I know I am very late to reply, but I thought I may as well. I thought my Grados sounded great already. After doing a lot of reading, I ended up buying the Fiio E10. It was like night and day, absolutely phenomenal. I appreciate the recommendation!



On an unrelated note, I found the Grados quite uncomfortable for extended periods of listening. I bought a universal headband cushion:



And I bought the flat comfy pads that come with SR60s. The change in sound was quite noticeable. I have now cut holes in them which has made the sound a little closer to the stock pads. I think the sound with stock pads is still better, however they make my ears sore within half an hour of use. So it was an acceptable compromise in my opinion.


Too bad there aren't more options for replacement (comfortable) earpads.

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