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Hi, very first post here. I have read through the forums, and see a lot of people pointing out that the 225i's are bright and so are the Beyer's. They seem to be thrown into the same category, perhaps for that reason alone.


I'm getting the Beyer's first, a big step up from some Audio Technica MTH-M30s I have. I know that the Beyer's are very neutral, but not sterile by any means. I also have a tube amp that should give them enough juice. I'm using an Apogee Duet II to serve as my DAC. Though the Beyer dt 800/600's are supposed to be great, I'd like a *fun* (read: musical, euphonic) pair to go with them. Are there enough differences to justify getting the Grado's as my pair after the Beyer's? I've read that the 225i's complement the Sennheiser 600's well. So I was wondering if anyone has both, or have tried both, and have any thoughts on this. I choose the 225i's because this is apparently the sweet pot in that particular lineup.


Please don't flame the newbie! Thanks for all upcoming advice.