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Help DAC advise need to survive from ipod classic sq

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Hi guys, I just started to paid my attention to portable devices. I had HD 800 sounds great which I connect to


burson amp >>yamaha CD1000 no DAC as yamaha has already had its own excellent sound reproduction.


So my HD 800 is always stick as a home. I currently purchased Beyerdynamic T50p which I wished to use as portable.


Since I had use the acceptable in ear sony and on ear akg 402 for ages. The T5p(connect to ipod) sounds great


but can't competed to HD 800 and slightly at HD 800 neck when connected to burson.


The problem was I wanted to immrove more sq from my portable unit then I have bought headstage arrow 4n.


Its improved sq. it is fuller more impact great mid and.I like this amp very much. 


Then I wanted to check sq on DAC part from yamaha CD 1000 and ipod classic 160gb


I mean I already knew that from between these


sources Yamaha CD 1000>>Burson 160 headamp>>T50p is much excellent than


Ipod classic>>Headstage arrow 4n>>T50p


But I was curious on DAC so I use RCA to Mini connect from the behind of 


Yamah CD 1000>>Headstage arrow 4n>>T50p 


mmmm The sound quality was excellent. I could see how great is Headstage amp


so the problem is DAC on ipod is poor sound quality.


I am lack of experience on all these portable unit. Can you guys reccomend DAC


that could reproduce sound quality and images that as


close as Yamaha CD 1000. I really like this CD player. The sound quality from this CD player is really excellent.


I am sorry for my english. I am from Thailand and here it is quite difficult to try those DAC.


In case I could explain a bit about how Yamaha sounds like. The stage is deep and wide, instruments is really articulate,


it's fully discrete class A, separated power supply into each units digital and analog.


There is pure direct option which make the sound really really quite and


depth. Could you recommend DAC that could give that sounds like. I listen to Jazz,


Female vocal, Classic, Psycadelic and Techno music.


not into pop and rock. Thank you in advance Headfiers!

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In case you guys might thought that this guy is lazy. I have been researched and down to several DACs. Fostex HP-P1, CLAS original (from the first


impression thread  many said its sound more analog than the new). I like neutral and analog sound. I'm not into basshead at all. Can you guys


recommend more option than these two. It's too big to be portable if you knew any DAC that small I can compromise with the convenient reason. 


Thank you again!

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