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Planning a large Ohio meet

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Hey everyone,


A friend and I are planning a large Ohio meet. This will most likely be held in Akron or Columbus. The next two months are insanely busy for me so it's more of a long term goal. I'm thinking November, December or January sometime.


We just have to narrow down the venue.


Do any of you have ideas for a suitable venue? Cost is definitely a factor. My friend and I are splitting the cost and I don't want to spend more than $300 total. Of course I would gladly take donations at the door to help. The venue should be quite large and as quiet as possible within reason. Any recommendations or insight would be greatly appreciated.




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I think Columbus would be a better choice just cause it's more centraly located. And if it's any later then December I wouldn't be able to make it since I'll be leaving for Korea.

Though I can't say much for a location
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 I think you will get more people if it's in Columbus. 

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define: "quite large" - if you want to do it in Columbus i would try and help you find a location.

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I was leaning towards Columbus anyway so that's good to know.


About the size, I'm not quite sure. A typical medium sized conference room at a hotel would probably work but I want to make sure we don't run out of space if we get a lot of people. I will look into room sizes later tonight.

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One of the nice things about Columbus is the central location. One of the downsides to the city is the more affordable venues can be in some of the shadier neighborhoods on the outskirts. I love the city, but there are some places where I'd be afraid to leave my car outside unattended. Granted, that's true for most major cities I'm sure.

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you would really have to go out of your way to end up in said shady neighborhood.

Columbus is by definition the 3rd safest city in the US - economically - and it shows.

you can find gehtto everywhere, but i doubt any of us would know where to go ;-)


as i said i could probably assist in location scouting but need to know a number and date.

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I will post more information/questions later on when I have a better idea of the date. With the amount of things I have going on right now I can't invest much time into planning. After the second week in October I'll have much, much more time.

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I also recommend Columbus. I am confident you can locate a reasonable facility in size and cost as well as location.
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