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For Trade: FT: Audio-GD 3.2 for other USB DACs

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For Trade:
FT: Audio-GD 3.2 for other USB DACs

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought myself a Audio-GD 3.2 from a buddy.  Here are some reviews + impressions on this little unit.  Price for the newer version is 350 + shipping from China.  This unit was bought for around that much.


The unit is a Dedicated DAC, and has the Optical, USB, and Coaxial Input, and RCA / ACSS Output.  Both the previous owner as well as myself was having issues with the USB portion.  I opened up the DAC to check whether it is a hardware issue, and all the soldering and connectivity seems good.  


There is zero issue with the Optical & the Coaxial (Tested by previous owner as well as myself), and the unit sounds marvelous, especially for its price point.


Because 99% of my music is being played out of my computer which has no Optical or Coaxial out, and the USB is not working.  I had to purchase a Behringer UCA202 which gives me an Optical out... but I'm really not sure if I want to add another chain for my audio... my desk feels congested.


Therefore, I am entertaining trades for another DAC.  Only criteria I ask is that it accepts USB.  I will add cash accordingly for Higher-priced DACs.  The unit sounds wonderful with the SS and tube amp that I own, which is the M^3 and the Bottlehead Crack.


I can take better / detailed pictures for series inquiries.

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Have you tried the v1.2 drivers ?

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I have tried the v1.2 drivers, and still had issues with the USB.  There is a possibility that the USB-input is just malfunctioning and need to be sent back, but I do not want to go through the shipping and waiting time to China especially when the other 2 inputs are working perfectly fine.


I wanted to put this clear for inquiring users!

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Where are you located?  I may be able to swing a trade for a Peachtree Dac-It plus cash.  If interested, pm me.

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I have an O2+ODAC combincation let me know if you are interested

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