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For Sale:
[FS, SYD/AU] Balanced Beta22 + matching dual mono Sigma22 power supply

Will Ship To: Australia

This is my balanced Beta22 headphone amplifier / pre-amp (made by me of course).

It has a matching dual mono Sigma22 power supply.


This will make a spectacular foundation to any rig, especially with hungry headphones such as the LCD* series.


Some details:


-> Cases are custom sized and manufactured by Context Engineering;

-> All high-quality premium parts;

-> Transformers custom wound for me by SumR and are designed for AU mains power;

-> Volume control via 4-channel DACT stepped attenuator;

-> All CNC cutting and engraving was performed locally in Sydney;

-> Umbilicals are sized so the amp and power supply can either be stacked or sit side-by-side;

-> Balanced input and output only.


I prefer to sell this inside of Sydney as it is not light although, if buyer pays shipping and insurance, I can ship inside of Australia.

If sold inside of Sydney then I can deliver to any reasonable location for no charge.


Just like my sale of the kgss and bh"se", I'm selling the Beta22 as I've run out of room for so many amplifiers.

As it stands I'll be selling my Beta24 power-amp and a pair of speakers too as I have now run out of room for them as well.

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