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Originally Posted by huckfinn View Post

I haven't got a dx50 yet. Just following the comments from the owners here on head fi and, so far, everybody seems to be happy with the SQ.
.......however: am I the only one to think why on earth at iBasso's they couldn't come up with a better or more "elegant" or "integrated" solution than just print VOL, Hold....etc on the screen?

That isn't printed on the screen, it is the screen protector that is used for shipping and demo and has a tab at the top right for removal. There is nothing printed on the actual screen.
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^ That's pretty funny.

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What is the verdict so far on the sound signature?


I want to say V-shaped, as I can hear very deep, well defined bass, but at the same time I find the entire presentation extremely bright. I seem to have some trouble homing in on the midrange. The bass is not bleeding into it in any way, but the mids feel recessed behind the treble more than anything. Separation is damn good. I feel like I'm inches away from audio nirvana, as soon as I hit the right EQ setting. BTW, using the lineout into a variety of different amps.


Even on my Mad Dogs (a darker headphone), the brightness is really showing through (but so is that sexy bass!)


Is it possible the DAC will burn in a bit and settle in?

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Anybody yet figure out how to play all "Titles" either in order or randomly??? Also was wondering what the "Time" tab actually does.
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So much work to rework the tagging to get file to show correctly on the DX50.  This is an unacceptable issue.  All problem files shown up correctly on both of my walkman & iphone 4.   I hope iBasso resolve this issue asap.  Not acceptable in my book.

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The channels on my DX50 are reversed. Does anyone else have this problem?

This is a sick joke of a product launch. It clearly isn't ready to be anywhere near a customer yet. Give it another few months...
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Originally Posted by stefzulj View Post

Has anybody in Australia received their 2nd batch unit? I can't stand looking at these pictures anymore. It's killing me!


Yeah I have

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Originally Posted by boombobby289 View Post

May I know the amp in the photo?
Does it improve the sound of DX50 significantly?


Pretty sure its the ALO RX3B or B+

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If it didn't sound so good (and it sounds bl**dy good, especially with iBasso P4 and Beyer DT48s, worn backwards), I'd have returned it or thrown it in the Huangpu...
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Ok so I bought the DX50 solely to use as a DAP only and amp/dac it separately. I listened to my LCD3s straight from the DX50 as somebody wrote that they use the LCD3s straight from the DX50?? IMHO its not good and nowhere near as good as my LCD3s straight to my DX100 FWIW.


I love the build quality and really if I can sort out the line out I will give some more impressions.

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Originally Posted by Sorensiim View Post





I knew you could not resist:wink_face:

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How much better it would have been if they had just held on for a month or two to finish the firmware development before shipping the first units...

Imagine taking delivery of a new car and finding out that you can only use half the gears and that the steering is reversed....

... and that the engine cuts out every ten minutes for no reason.
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Originally Posted by nihontoman View Post

I'm hardly gonna use another amp besides what's already in DX50. defeats the whole purpose of portable one box solution. there's is a fine line for me in this hobby which I can't cross - buying expensive headphones and earphones along with good powerful DAPs is OK, but strapping that DAP with additional DAC/AMP and lugging around a brick is frigging ridiculous. that's just madness...



Please explain how having two 0.9 in thick boxes combined with a rubber band, thus making a 2 inch thick box is madness?  


How do you listen to something like DT880 600 ohm headphones rewired in a balanced configuration?  Dragging a 150 ft XLR cable around the house isn't really an option.

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