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Originally Posted by Wapiti View Post

As already mentioned, the Graham Slee Voyager does not have a digital input; its USB port is solely for powering the unit.

I expect the DX50 to sound better than your iPod in this application.  I believe you will be pleased.

I realise I might have confused you.

The USB input that I was referring to is on my valve amp, which is an Audio DAC input.

I am aware the USB on the Voyager is for power, but thanks anyway.

I was hoping the DX50 could be an audio input to the Voyager and my valve amp, but I now concede it can't do the latter but as this was a "nice to have", I need to focus on the real purpose which was to improve portable listening and it seems that the DX50 remains a sound choice to do that.
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I am sorry; you are correct, I was confused.

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Thank you for your email.
We will consider the OTG scan in the future firmware update.


Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later

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Originally Posted by Dopaminer View Post

Not straightforward to me, either, but once you dive in there`s really very little that doesn`t make sense.

Don`t regret your choice of the dx50 - it has a great DAC.   And your Graham Slee Voyager has NONE !  The Voyagers`s USB input is only for drawing power, not for imputing musical data.  So you`ll just be using analogue in from the dx50s dac, through either the Headphone socket or the Lineout socket; the latter is noticeably better sounding through my amp and my HD800s. The Voyager`s role will be to provide more/better power to your headphones, but that is all - no digital to analogue activities happening in that box! (If I read the Graham Slee specs correctly, that is)

You won`t regret the improved sound from the dx50 over the iPod, as well as the freedom to use SD cards and drag-drop music files in unlimited formats and resolutions.  It`s a huge step up from iDevice-land.  

And yes, that desktop amp has Coax, Optical and USB interfaces. 

Cool thanks. I don't really want to change my order. As regards sdmicro cards, the norm seems to be 64g class 10. In the UK they are around £35.

Going to 128g, pushes up the price a lot. So I am probably best to get 2 x 64g cards.

From a practical perspective is swapping sdMicro cards an easy, non time consuming thing to do? As I understand it the DX50 scans the card for the first time - is this a pin in the neck?
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I expect the DX50 to sound better than your iPod in this application.  I believe you will be pleased.

My DX50 sounds better than either my 5g (Rockbox) or my 6g rev. 2 iPods even with KSC-75 earclips. I can't say about my 2g iPod (yes, I still have one); I haven't powered it on in years.

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Originally Posted by highfell View Post

.....is this a pin in the neck?


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Frimware 1.2.5 :
High sounds a littebit mettalic.
Mids sounds more forword
Low si not as impactful as before.
Soundstage is bigger.
Microdetails is not as good as fw1.2.2beta:D
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Originally Posted by Jpfe8851 View Post

With some of you saying the startup scan is only taking 15-30 seconds, I've reloaded 1.2.5, thinking maybe the problem was the trash hidden files Macs insist on placing on anything attached. But even removing those wasn't the solution. Restart scans taking an intolerably long time. Just came back up. Took about 3 minutes. That's too long. At least I have previous working FW to fall back on. Can only think iBasso added the scan at start feature due to requests, but for me it's a retrograde step. Simple enough to remove and reinsert the card to get the scan screen. Better yet make it an option to auto or manual scan like my AK100 did. Starting to miss that little thing......

Edit: Pressing stop scan takes an age to return to the play screen too.


I have exactly the same problem and told it to iBasso. This behaviour started on the 1.2.5 release (1.2.0, 1.2.2 and 1.2.3beta don't have it). My scan takes much longer because I have >7000 mp3 files on a MicroSD card.

I advise you to send an email to them as well so that the people with loaded MicroSDs get the respect they deserve. :tongue:


By the way, if you hold the power button for a few seconds when the "Media Scanning" starts you can access the home icon and bypass it.


Meanwhile, I'll use the 1.2.3 Beta until this is fixed.

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This reminds me of when I had a Blackberry.
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Just updated to firmware 1.2.5 from 1.2.3 beta.

First thing I noticed is the wide soundstage...yes, it's quite wide!

However, missing the impactful bass in 1.2.3b :-( and instrument separation and clarity of previous firmwares.

Overall, the sound is kind of laid-back.


I'll probably roll back to 1.2.3b or 1.2.2 (the most balanced of the three) first thing in the morning.

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Alright just like to list my experience with the DX50.


I received my DX50 with V1.2.2 (Batch 6 from mp4Nation) and the player worked fine from day one. I never experienced any glitches. I upgraded it to v1.2.3b like many of you and again followed the instructions from the readme file and all went without any problems. None. I won't comment on the sound signature changes because it's very personal and dependent on the IEM/Headphone used. I did notice an increase in the lower frequencies but was happy with the v1.2.2 too.


This morning I decided to try the latest firmware, v1.2.5 and again followed the instructions and my DX50 upgraded without any hiccup. 


Here're my observations:


1- I have about 4.5 GB of FLAC files on internal memory. After the Upgrade / Factory reset has instructed in the Readme file and my music files are still on the internal memory. 

2- I have an 64 GB SD card with a mix of FLAC 16/24 bit, MP3, APE & WAV files all organized in Artist/Album folders. This card is almost full (~58GB).

3- On my first scan after the upgrade it took exactly 5 minutes to scan 4.5 GB internal  + 58 GB External. That is pretty good in my book.

4- On power on the DX50 take about 5 second for the quick scan. That is good too.

5- The Gapless option is set to 0 and I don't notice any missing note. The song start playing from the first second.

6- While pausing a song it still take 1/2 a second to pause but un-pausing is instantaneous.

7- The player is noise free with my IEM's (lower Impedance are Sony XBA-3) on any gain level. Get some cellular interference sometime but that to be expected.


In all I'm very impress with this little player. It sound amazing with all my earphones & headphones that I have tried so far and the battery life has been reasonable to me.



:D  This was just my observations. YMMV

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The dap works fine if you only have one external microSD card, the trouble starts when you switch to another card. I think there is some serious issues with the scanning functionality under 1.2.5 with switching cards. I don't remember having so much problems scanning my cards. I have no card in the dap right now and it still has the old db in it. I swapped my two 64 gb cards without any change even after multiple ejections and insertions. The content just does not want to go away. It sounds the only solution is to manually delete the db content or do a factory reset and rescan again. I just did a factory reset and now it scans that one card correctly. I swapped the other card one more time, waited a good 15 minutes and now I have an empty db, not quite what I expected.


I'll either stick to one card and keep 1.2.5 or move back to 1.2.3b with swapping cards.

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No problems with mine when I eject one card and insert another. I do have to eject the new card once and reinsert and then a menu asks if I want to scan. 

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Then when you look at your album listing do you see the ones from the card or the older one or nothing?

In my case, the first time I had the exact same list than my first card. After the factory reset and the scan of the first card, when I switched card again, this time the list was empty.

Do you have 1.2.5 version or the earlier?
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The DX50 plays extremely well with the Fostex TH900. Nice that the phones are easy to drive but they also pick apart poor amplification. 

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