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The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016 - Page 188

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I agree with Soren. They need to update the DX100 interface
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Originally Posted by lin0003 View Post


What were you using it with? 



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Originally Posted by Sorensiim View Post

I decided to use my DX100 this morning... Only to be reminded that the "random" function on the DX50 is about 8900% better than the one on the DX100.


Dear Ibasso: Give me the DX100 sound with the DX50 UI and I will pay GOOD money for that DAP!!


They said they would make their API available to other select companies to implement with their UI's (Neutron etc).  I'm still hoping for that....am I just dreaming now? Pretty sure they would sell more units if they did so it is kind of in their best interests to do so.  

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Originally Posted by ahsir View Post

Very Happy to find this forum...found it while researching for DX50.

I just got mine ! may I ask what case you guys are using ?


can't find any online yet.. so I dig out my old  iRiver H320 and took out the casing and place it on my DX50 :-






oh man, I remember my H320... that was a beautiful player back in the day. had the remote and everything too. Beautiful. Seems like a decent fit! How loose is it when you're using it? Thinking of getting a case for it. Does the touch screen still work?


btw what case (if any) does everyone use?

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Originally Posted by pnix View Post

That is not yet the facts! The fact is that the firmware still has fault.

Since the problem that the TAGS OGG Vorbis, APE compressed music is not to be read correctly, cover art does not work with these formats. Since the problem is to be skipped without the reason tracks. The deficient battery indicator. The stop of the player after the album was played. These are only the mistakes are evident to me. Taking the contributions of other users that these are not small things.


Yes, I'm aware the fact is firmware still has faults, but fact is also that the firmware is being updated relatively frequently to address these issues. Have you updated to 1.1.6? Lots of bug fixes. I'm not saying these interfaces are as smooth/bug free as ipods, heck, I haven't even gotten my DX50 yet. But from what I'm hearing, its not as make/break people are making it sound like.

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Originally Posted by daseinpdx View Post


$50 for a 128 gb card?   I went to their website and they have it listed for 149.  How did you get it for 50?


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I have a problem with the charging cable. I believe it have damaged the left side of my usb3.0 port in my front panel. Can ibasso give a statement about the cables it uses? I tried connecting my ASUS cable with it, and all was fine.


Does anyone have this problem?

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Dear, Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your order.
your order has been shipped.
Your DHL tracking number is
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

iBasso Audio


4th batch goodness! :dt880smile:

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Received the same message a few minutes ago. They shipped DHL without my requesting it.

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yup! got the same message. cuoldn't get it switched to EMS though, so looks like DHL it is. 

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Can anyone say if FW 1.1.6 fixed the volume shooting up to max randomly?

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I requested DHL. Reason: my order ended up in limbo twice in a row with EMS. What are the chances?! They were probably lost or stolen. WTF seriously... iBasso has to send me a third DX50.

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Uhh just picked up my replacement DX50. Wasn't expecting this. The only thing that didn't come with it was a battery. They told me to remove it before sending it back so I have one DX50 with one battery and two of everything else. I was expecting just a DX50 unit wrapped in bubble wrap. *Applauds iBasso* It's really the little things that make the difference in customer service.

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I just purchased mine, already cant wait to get it. That will be a long couple of weeks as I have to wait for the 5th batch on oct. 11.
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iBasso will release a new firmware on Sep 30th that supports CUE, according to iBasso's email reply to my inquiry. This sounds exciting.

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