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The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016 - Page 82

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From the readme.txt:




Instruction For Firmware upgrade:
1, extract the zip file, and copy the update.img into the DX50;
2, select Settings--->Advanced--->System update (the system update option appears after the DX50 has the update.img inside);
3, click OK to start the firmware update;
4, after the firmware update completed, select Settings--->Advanced--->Factory Reset to reset the DX50;
5, delete the update.img.

Bugs Rectified:
1, unable to play music that folder name or file name has the symbol ';
2, intermittent channels reversed bug;
3, display and play hidden file, that lead to system frozen

Functions Added:
1, Genre added;
2, thumbnail album artwork preview in Album;
3, play all funcction (when select a track on All Music, all tracks will be added to the Now Playing)


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My two biggest issues look to have been fixed then smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by CosmicHolyGhost View Post


where do we find the update system function? i go into advanced..but i cant find system update at all..only system information and factory reset~

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have u copied the update.img file into the player yet? probably have to copy it into the onboard 8gb memory.

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Assume you have the image file in the dx50? ?
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yah, i think that will only appear after you put the img file in


two mirrors for the firmware:




Please also note that once you choose factory reset, the music files on your onboard memory will be erased....


Also during firmware update, it is best to ensure that your device has enough power

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Have you done it yet CHG?
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after update..my dx50 just hanged~...lol...take out sdcard..force reset...still stuck at iBasso Audio~

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single quote issue doesnt work, duhhhhhh

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Originally Posted by musicheaven View Post

I am not so sure I understand your price to storage ratio thinking, you can get a 128gb usb key easily for around 60$, an SDXC microSD is around 40 for 64GB and you can't find anything beyond that. a dandling otg with a small usb isn't bad at all.


Yeah, I am with you it's all about price.  I saw 32GB SD card w/ 2 day delivery for $13.00.  So, I figured that's $52.00 for 128GB.  My shopping on Amazon Primes h=showed the yes for average of $120, with a few going for around $80.


Anyway it seems like byte for byte the SD card is much cheaper in the higher capacities and still a little bit cheaper in the lower capacities.  I'm not knocking the USB keys one way or another, just not understanding it. 

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When I select 'OK' to update firmware the DX50 seems to reboot to the iBasso screen then takes me directly to the recovery screen.  I can't seem to move the cursor to select any other opens except to reboot the player.  I even tried the other technique using the connector end of the headphone touching the coaxial output.


I'll try to re-download the firmware again.  What's strange is that I haven't received an email from iBasso about the update yet.  

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I updated and later still in the V1.00 and when I scan the SD if stuck there:confused_face_2:

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I will not be updating the firmware until this is fixed... Someone else has reported this problem as well.
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mine said 1.1.5.. but i think firmware talk should move to the bug list thread... cos I dont think there are much "appreciation" on that really...

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I think CosmicHolyGhost has the right idea, because we have two threads currently updating similar information.

For people updating their firmware and reporting problems lets consolidate it into the bug thread, it's much easier to find for future readers.

Go here > http://www.head-fi.org/t/680472/dx50-bug-list-wish-list-fix/150#post_9798803

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