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I'm made my decision. After careful selecting, I decided to go for the DX50. The X1 is said to be as good as the Fuze (Already have it). Also, my J3 is no match for the DX50 (except for battery life). So I'm planning to get the DX50 next month. Is there anything I need to know before getting it? 

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I have had all of those players.  The X1 is far better in sound than the Fuze but has problems that caused me to send it back and get the DX50.  I had the Cowon J3 and later X7 (which I left on a plane, Doh!) and the DX50 is a natural step for you.  The sound is similar though more natural and less processed on the DX50.


The key is to upgrade to the 1.6 firmware which has wonderful sound quality.   This is available on the iBasso website.   As always take time to play with the settings and get used to the player.  It's fairly straight forward and easy to use.  The three position gain switch is wonderful and gets the best from your earphones to give them the boost necessary.


You will initially be tempted to have your sound with no EQ as this has a big gain boost.  However I find that too full a sound for long (though good on the line out) and got used to not being tempted into always having the EQ off.


Having had all those players if there is anything you want to check or ask 'how can I do that here' - feel free to ask and I'll be glad to help, as will others here.

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Updated to 1.60, wouldn't playing until I did a factory reset, nb
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I always factory reset by habit

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A factory reset is always recommded after a firmware update, easy to forget. I know I did.
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Originally Posted by Coyley View Post

The key is to upgrade to the 1.6 firmware which has wonderful sound quality.  

...or NDFFFinal / Sound Unlocked 1.3.3 ;)

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With a new player, get used to it as envisaged by the manufacturer first then later try customisation. How to compare otherwise? Also those custom firmwares aren't based on most recent firmware. Being happy with 1.6 I don't feel a need for a custom sound signature any more. Everyone will be different though.
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I have never needed a reset before. 1.6 is the best so far. Imho.
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Originally Posted by atoniolin View Post

After installing the 1.6.0 Firmware on the DX50, I was able to use the USB DAC now.

Anyway, You need both the Ibasso Mango Hifi Device AND the Mango Interface.

What I did for my Win 8.1 Pro, x64 system is to simply install the program using the Setup given and if any of the drivers still do not appear, then try to go directly to the x32 or x64 files and manually use the setup within the folder again.

then the normal steps of going to settings and DAC and connecting it.

;) Cheers


I LOVE the 1.6.0 FW sound..AWESOME!

I see the Mango HiFi Device in  device manager but don't see a reference to the interface. Where should I look for it? So far I have not been able to get the DAC functionality to work. I'm running the 1.6 firmware.

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1. Clean Install:

Simply uninstall what you have installed, by right clicking and uninstall;

Then, go to iBasso website and get the USB -DAC Ver1.0;

Unzip the file, you will see x64, x32 and Setup.

click Setup and after finishing the installation, open Device Manager.



2. If Device Manager shows iBasso Mango Hifi Audio Device under Sound,Video and game controllers , good.


Then check if there is a field (like Sound,Video and Game Controllers) called Mango Device, right under Keyboards for my case;

if there isnt, go back to the extracted folder, and open either x64 or x32 depending on your OS;

then click the Setup WITHIN the x64 or x32.



This SHOULD work, as it is what I did. 

You know it works if you see Mango Device and if you click on Mango Device you see Mango USB Interface.


3. Plug in the DX50 in 1.6.0 FW in DAC mode, i used usb 3.0 and usb 2.0 ports, both work so that doesn't seem to be the issue.


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Thanks, but no luck so far. I wonder if it's because I'm trying to install on a Surface Pro. The Mango HiFi Device installs no problem. I just can't get Mango USB Interface to appear.

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I'm kinda tired of dealing with my Cowon Z2 and its issues, and I have my eye on this.  Have some questions though.  How is it navigating the menus and such?  There's a lot less (vertical) screen space than the Z2 which kinda worries me, as I am used to being able to flick quickly through my large lists of songs in Neutron (like discographies) and then stop on something without issue since it's easy to see where I am in the list.  Is that actually feasible with this thing or is it more designed for people who just view individual albums and whatnot? 


Also, I see that there is now m3u playlist support, how does that work exactly?  Like, could I turn my playlists in foobar into something useable on the DX50 and if so how would I go about doing that (and could I then add to the playlists using the DX50 if I want, or are they basically read only)?  And are playlists easy to set up in general?  Say I just want to create some playlists using the device, is it as easy as Neutron where you can choose folders/albums/whatever and then assign them to a playlist (or even multiple) or would it be the painstaking process of doing it song by song?  And how is sorting handled, is it universal or can you have different rules for different folders/albums/playlists a la Neutron?


And then a couple proper-for-this-forum questions, what kind of sound difference am I looking at coming from a Z2 with Neutron anyway, using say either the normal or BBE presets?  And how would it drive headphones in comparison (like a pair of Mad Dogs for instance)?



Thanks for any help, I really like the general no-nonsense focus of this thing but I do feel I've been spoiled by android and I'm not sure I could easily do without some of the things I've gotten used to.

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