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For Sale: JVC / Victor HP-DX1000

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For Sale:
JVC / Victor HP-DX1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling a pair of JVC / Victor HP-DX1000 headphones. These are truly unique headphones, and among the best closed-back headphones out there. For a review, see here. Some claim they are comparable to the $1,500 Fostex TH-900s. I've never heard the TH-900s, so I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't be suprised. Note that these are the (in my view) more attractive version, with the "Victor" logo and the RCA picture of the dog listening to a phonograph.


This pair is in beautiful condition, as is the packaging, just take a look at the pictures. The wood and pads are in excellent condition: rich, lustrous and supple. There are two minor flaws to note:


1. On one side, on the inside of the headband, you can see the typical DX1000 crack. I've taken a close-up picture of it, to the best of my abilities. I only noticed this while preparing the DX1000s for sale. Note that this crack is only on the inside and doesn't appear to present any structural issues. I didn't notice it while using them. If you like, I would be willing to try to repair the crack using super strong epoxy before sending them to you. There are probably hundreds or thousands of people happily using DX1000s with very similar cracks. It's a known issue with this design. I am mentioning it in the interest of full disclosure, but it is the kind of thing that personally wouldn't bother me at all. To be clear, the other side doesn't have any issues at all.


2. There is some tiny paint wear on two points on the outside of the headband above the cups (see the last picture). This is being really super-duper picky. Again, I didn't even notice it until looking at high-resolution versions of the pictures I took for the sale. The worn spots are basically the size of the head of a pin, certainly nothing you would notice from more than 6 inches away. Again, I'm just trying to disclose everything here.


To be clear, the listed price reflects these (very minor) flaws. Please don't try to submit a lowball offer and then justify it by referring to either of these. I have taken detailed pictures of these from every angle imaginable, so you know exactly what you are getting. Still, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.


For the record, there are very few headphones out there that are truly unique, that sound different in a way that is really exciting, as opposed to just being incrementally better or worse versions of the classic high-end sound. The JVCs have this in spades. The bass on these is unlike the bass I've heard on any other headphones, and that includes Denon D7000s, Ultrasone Signature DJs, Audez'e LCD-2s, HiFiMAN HE-6s, V-Moda M100s, etc. It isn't just a question of bass quantity, extension or slam, but a question of the character of the bass. Hard to describe, but very, very pleasurable. And the rest of the spectrum is lovely as well! These aren't just some sort of bass-monster one-trick ponies. They perform very well across genres and the bass is well-integrated and not intrusive.


Payment: Payment is via PayPal and the listed price is NET to me after applicable fees, if any, and after currency conversion, if you are paying in a currency other than USD. Please check my feedback (+120 without any complaints) and buy with confidence. I have sold a ton of high-end gear here, including plenty of gear that cost 2-3x as much as these JVCs.


Shipping: The listed price includes domestic shipping with tracking. If you want insurance, that is an extra cost. I have no problem shipping internationally, and can work with you to minimize potential customs issues. Contact me for details. International shipping is charged separately, but I have lots of experience shipping abroad, and have worked out a very fair way of dealing with international shipping. Nobody has ever claimed that I overcharged them for international shipping, and I am often able to ship for less than people thought would be possible.


Best regards,


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