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For Sale:
[WTB] iBassPB2 and iBasso CB11 [Interconnector] (Willing to Trade AKG K550+Jds C5) OR (Matrix M Stage+ 2AfterMarket_OpAmps LME49990_Lme49720HA+Stock)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Need something powerful to drive my Dt 880 600 ohms on the go out of my Hm 801, I think this would work perfectly! Also curious about the sound quality of the different OP amps as well.


Thank you in advance to any one who's viewing this.


And I would be willing to trade BOTH my JDS Labs C5 and Akg K550 for the iBasso PB2 and iBasso Cb11 cords! [Was orignally going to use the K550 and C5 together but then the Dt 880 600 ohm AND hifiman Hm 801 can along and ruined that plan] 


Matrix M Stage Also offered for trade   [I'd be willing to part with JUST the Matrix for JUST the PB2 and Cord, my matrix also includes 2 aftermarket OP amps [Which I'd include]] 

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