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Trance/Dance/Electronic similar to...

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Hi all,

As the title says, I'm looking for music that sounds similar to the following songs/bands.

Isis by Seven Lions,  Amsterdam (Super8 and Tab remix), Days Turn Into Nights (Seven Lions Remix), Nightlight by (JD, Sydney Blu, Betsie Larkin), pretty much everything by Above and Beyond but my favourites are the downbeat ones like Liquid Love (it has sort of a mysterious sound to it, not sure how to explain), Things I Never Tell You (Signalrunners remix), These Shoulders (Signalrunners and Julie Thompson).


This is a pretty good list of my favourite songs at the moment. I like dance/trance/electronic that has an emotional feel to it, or is a bit downbeat.  Not interested as much in the super feel good, upbeat fast-paced stuff.  


Also on a random note, looking for piano pieces as well that are downbeat like Eleana` or sound sad/emotional.


Thanks for any replies!

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Ever tried Pandora?  Not a band, a music streaming service in which you crate a "radio station" based on a song.  It then matches other music that is similar in feel, instrumentation, tempo, genre, etc., not all at the same time, but you get fed music that you might like. You then vote pieces up or down to fine tune your station.  I've found more new music that way in the last few years than any other method, and I'd have heard none of it otherwise.




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ahh cool yeah i've used it before but i didn't know you could fine tune it by voting a song up or down. that must be a newer feature. i typically would not get many songs that matched my interest, it would just pick other trance artists and play a lot of the really upbeat songs. ill give it another try though. thanks :)

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When you give a song a "thumbs down", it's never played again on your station.  A "thumbs up" will get that tune played again, and more that are similar.  Doing nothing, just listening, assumes you like what you're getting, but the system will throw you a curve every so often to see if it's still on track.  I vote those down to keep my stations in tune.  When you hear something you like you can use a drop menu to bookmark the track or the artist, then review your bookmarks, re-audition them, and click-out to buy them from several sources including iTunes.  I use the web site, and the IOS app on several devices.  I pay for the annual commercial-free account, it's worth it.

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