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Speakers or Headphones?

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I have a pair of ath-cks77's and I was considering buying either a pair of headphones (ath-m50) or speakers. I really like the sound of my computer speakers and the sound of the speakers in my car compared to my IEMS. Obviously a large part of this may be due to the fact that my speakers are much better than my IEMS. However, the main thing I think I like about my speakers is the openness of the sound. My IEMS sometimes sound stuffy and too close to my ear. If anyone has experienced the same situation, do you recommend headphones (ath-m50), speakers, a different pair of headphones, or what? My budget is limited to around $100, I know its not much. 


Thanks everyone. Really appreciate it. 

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At 100$, I will get a pair of headphone. If you love the openess, then go for open headphones. Depend on what kind of music you listen to, I know things you may interest in:
- Audio technica AD700: these cans are a little bit "bass-shy", good mid, ok treble. good for vocals, something slow, clear and require less bassy-beat.
- Presonus HD7: studio cans, very open, can play almost everything (but nothing perfect of course).
- Senheiser HD518: bass is quite slow, not very detail but relaxing, good at playing jazz or something like that.
- Grado Sr60i: for rock and metal. Fast, tight, harsh treble. You should save some money to buy a pair of "L cushion", cuz the stock pads quite uncomfortable.
And some many more, you can search for the headfi gift-guide, headgears, review for more info. Have fun. 

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