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Recommendation for 100$ DAP

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I'm looking for a replacement for my Clip Zip which is starting to fail me with random stops and restarts.

I'm looking for something around the 100$ price tag that's available worldwide. It should be able to play the usual audio formats I don't need video at all it would be nice if I didn't have to pay extra just because it can also play video. I am mostly interested in the SQ, price storage and portability ( as you can see by my having a Clip Zip before ). I need at least 32GB of space.

I have 2 options in mind at the moment but more are welcome:

1. 5th (?) gen iPod with a new hdd (ssd?). I kinda have a lot of questions here as I can't find a definitory iPod thread. Things like why some people use CF cards what are the mods that can be done, how can I spot a decent iPod when I see one(I assume they're all sh by now), how is the battery life on these things. I like the iPod option because of the extended storage because if I get above 100GB I can probably get all of my music in flac on it.

2. I currently have a Nexus 4 that I might be able to use for this but the main problem is the storage space I barely have 5-6GB left on it and getting extra storage space is a bit problematic (apparently for a USB drive I need a USB Y OTG cable with an external power supply). I don't have enough internet to be able to stream music to my phone so I have to carry it along with me somehow.

As I've said if there are any other players that would be good I'm open to suggestions.



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Try Rockboxing your current Clip Zip. see if that gets it working better.

Or just buy a new Clip Zip 4GB, $36-$45.

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Oh it's already rockboxed. I think it might be the microsd or the microsd slot since it freezes and after a hard reboot and reinserting the card it works again for a while. But it only happens while it's in my pocket.
I was thinking about another clip but wanted to try something new for a change.
Is there really nothing else at this price tag?

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Might also try posting your DAP questions on the website anythingbutipod.

You could up your budget and get a $200 Fiio X3 or $240 iBasso DX50.

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best DAP for that budget would be Colorfly C3

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