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Bose AE2 or Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro


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Hey Guys,

First off the current stash of Heaphones I have are as follows, *Pretty Mediocre Collection*

Apple Earpods (rarely used)
Beats Solo (never use em)
Beats Studio (make good ear muffs on long distance travelling)
Klipsch S3 (all day usage/daily drivers)


I'm debating on whether to buy the Bose AE2 or the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros. I've heard positive reviews on both the headphones, but I have yet to try them for myself as I couldn't find a demo piece.


I'm interested in the Bose as I tried the OE2s and they sounded phenomenal. I really like the Bose EQ Style as it capitalizes on the crisp base and acoustics (like guitars). Another reason for wanting the Bose, is their insane comfort level. The OE2s were so plush and light that I couldn't even feel like I was wearing them. The leather is very plus and nice. 


As for the Custom One, I really like the Bass ports as I've seen from the numerous reviews, which lets me tweak the amount of bass. As I listen to mainly J-Pop, Rap, and Anime Soundtracks, I see this as an awesome feature for me. Comfort is said to be good the One Pros but I can't tell until I try them. 

PS: These headphones will be used as my daily drivers.. Portability is appreciated but it'll mostly be used during Car Drives, Public Transit, Library. 

I hope to get some good insight on both these cans! 


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custom one pros are a bit less portable than the ae2.

I hear that the ae2 is the best headphone bose really has in terms of sound. I tried em on for a few seconds one time and they do actually sound kinda nice but it was slightly *artificial* if that makes sense. The feeling like I was listening to an mp3 file instead of an actual live performance never really went away. But then again, I had them on for less than a minute so take that with a grain of salt.

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I have heard both and AE2 will win hands down for comfort. I think both may not have enough isolation for transit but that depend on how loud you listen to your music.

the Custom is pretty bass heavy even when on its lightest setting the AE2 is more neutral. neither will be a detail monster but will be better than your current IEM/headphones.

look for a Bose store if you can so you can try the AE2 out before buying.

not sure about your budget but Bose just released the QC20 which is a super comfortable in ear / bud hybrid with active noise cancelling has to be heard to be believed in regards to how well it cancels noise.
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Thanks for the input, almost 100% sure to go with Bose. Maybe one more opinion would help :)

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I own the Bose AE2 and it is the most balanced Bose headphone (I own pretty much all of them). It is lightweight and comfortable and, in my opinion, highly detailed. If it didn't have the Bose name I bet it would be quite popular. I haven't heard the Custom One.

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I have a pair of the ae2 and liked them a lot. Very light and extremely portable. Sound was a little thin and bass could use more impact. But for what they are, they are not bad. I ended up getting a pair on DT1350s and couldn't be happier. The Bose now are my wife's for traveling.

Wait scratch that,I have the oe2s. I tried the ae2 a while back and remember them being fairly nice. Sorry for the misstep...
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